If there’s anyone helping elevate classical music, it’s certainly Maksim Mrvica. The Croatian pianist, who has made a name for himself over the last two decades with his curated collection of crossover performances, is set to hit the States very soon for a lineup of new shows beginning today, May 17th in Vancouver, Canada and concluding in VMAN’s hometown of New York City on May 27th.

Ahead of the anticipated shows, VMAN caught up with Maksim to chat about his early beginnings, some of his favorite cities to visit, and what’s in store for him, musically.

Photography by Filip Koludrovic

VMAN: How does it feel being in North America with five upcoming performances, with the last of the dates in VMAN’s hometown of NYC?

Maksim Mrvica: I am very much looking forward to my tour in North America. The past few years have been difficult for many of us musicians, having to deal with COVID-19. After a pause of almost 3 years, I started the world tour ‘The Collection’, which began in Australia in September last year, followed by tours in Asia, Europe, and now in North America. It’s exciting for me to have the chance of performing in places where I never played before, to interact with new fans, and introduce my music to them. I am very happy to be performing in VMAS’s hometown of NYC.

VM: What is it about being here that excites you? Any favorite cities?

MM: I especially look forward to visiting New York again. I have been there a couple of times before, and I enjoyed New York’s vibe, nightlife, and people’s positive energy.

VM: As most know, your crossover performances are at the core of what you bring to audiences everywhere. Tell us a bit about the set you’ve created for these upcoming performances and the thought process behind assembling “The Collection”?

MM: It’s been more than 20 years since I’ve started to play crossover music. During these years I have recorded 10 studio albums and with this tour ‘The Collection’ I have chosen some of my most popular and famous pieces to perform together with the band, all around the world. When performing crossover shows, I use the opportunity to play one or two pieces from my classical repertoire. For this tour, I have chosen Liszt Ballade No.2.

Photography by Filip Koludrovic

VM: With over ten albums under your belt (and it being nearly 25 years since your first album), how do you think your skills and talent have matured over the years? Do you still feel like you’re learning and experiencing new things in regard to music?

MM: In my profession, there is a constant learning curve, especially if you are a concert pianist, there is a constant will for improving, to become better and better, to surpass yourself. Every now and then I learn new pieces and each time my interpretations are a bit different. I think I’ve matured a lot as a musician, from a technical point of view of performing, and I understand the interpretations on a much deeper level. Also, I feel I am much calmer when performing on stage.

VM: With 2018’s ‘New Silk Road’ being your latest body of work, can we expect a new album in the coming future?

MM: I am currently in the process of recording a new album. I have already recorded a new song and now we are choosing and recording some new pieces for my next album. I would expect it to be released by the mid of 2024.

Wed, May 17 | Vancouver, Canada

Fri, May 19 | Toronto, Canada

Tue, May 23 | Seattle, Washington

Thu, May 25 | Chicago, Illinois

Sat, May 27 | New York, New York

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