Manicure Sets For The Modern Man

Just how important is a good manicure?

If you clicked on this, you’ve got the right idea.

Imagine this. You’re sitting face to face with the partner you’ve been patiently waiting to take out for quite some time. Fit? Fresh. Limited edition sneakers? Copped. Gel in hand? Okay, maybe we went too far with that one… or maybe not if you’re Pauly D., But you get the point. Everything seems to be aligned, but one element is lagging. The person at the other end of the table takes one good look at your nails and goes nope, not for me. Shallow? Maybe but what self-assured person wants to stare at crusty, untrimmed nails all night? Plus, with androgynous legends like David Bowie, Jared Leto, and even Freddie Mercury paving the pathway for progressive expressions of masculinity, don’t be afraid to rock some color on those nails. It’s hot, trust me.

That loops me back around to the importance of nail grooming. Apart from the obvious showering, shaving, and hair trim, it can be argued that nail care is as essential, if not more so. Freshly groomed nails signify good hygiene and tell others, “I care about my appearance.” Not to mention, partners interpret a good manicure as a symbol of poise and cleanliness. If you knew all this already and are just looking for some new kit ideas, cheers, but if this info comes as brand spanking new to you, don’t stress; we’ve got you covered. 

Czech & Speake
Leather-Bound Manicure Set

Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

$675, Net-A-Porter

Hammacher Schlemmer
The Gentleman’s Monogrammed Grooming Kit

Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

$149, Hammacher Schlemmer

Scully & Scully
Men’s Luxury Calfskin Manicure Sets

Courtesy of Scully & Scully

$145, Scully & Scully

Brooks Brothers
Small Fold-Over Manicure Set

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

$98, Brooks Brothers

6-Piece Manicure Set in Leather Case

Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

$55, Bergdorf Goodman

Essential Grooming Kit

Courtesy of Grooming Lounge

$30, Grooming Lounge

The Shears 2.0

Courtesy of Manscaped

$19.99, Manscaped

Wolf Project
Manicure Set

Courtesy of Wolf Project

$15, Wolf Project

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