Marc Jacobs and Stray Rats Celebrate the Year of the Rat in New Capsule Collection

Frank Ocean and rats are the faces of the new Marc Jacobs and Stray Rats campaign.

Along with actual rats, Frank Ocean is the poster boy for the Marc Jacobs’ and Stray Rats’ campaign celebrating the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rat. The collaboration features sweaters, t-shirts, and hoodies with the creatures who rule New York City’s subway system, and in classic Marc Jacobs fashion, the line is grungy and reminiscent of the ’90s. 

The sweater is a Marc Jacobs staple, made of wool and featuring the iconic Stray Rats motif on the front, coming in either red and pink stripes or purple and navy green stripes. The cotton zip-up hoodie is burgundy with both brands motifs embroidered right in the middle. The t-shirt oozes grunge, with a teal rat perched atop the Ratgirl and Marc Jacobs logos in purple.

Ocean posted a picture from the campaign on his Instagram story earlier today, which featured him in one of the collections’ sweaters. The Marc Jacobs’ Instagram also promoted the campaign, posting pictures of the line with the models holding actual rats. Those who get squeamish around the tiny creatures may cringe a little bit, but nonetheless, the collection is a perfect tribute to the designer’s early 2000s line “Stinky Rat.” 

See the collection for yourself here and check out the Instagram posts below.




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