Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 Collection is Here

New collection explores what it means to make a choice

The New York Public Library lit up with color as the models of Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2022 Collection glided down the runway in oversized, dystopian gowns on Monday evening. “Choice.” wrote Marc Jacobs from his personal Instagram account in the comments of his brand’s runway highlights post— The ethos of the collection. In a time of oppression and uncertainty, the right to choose is all we need. And Jacobs’ choice is unapologetic creativity.

The collection ranges in medium from canvas and plaster to leather and vinyl, a texture medley of expert composition. Monochromatic scrubs are the first looks to grace the runway in grey, teal, and purple, each paired with sky-high platforms under billowing cinched pants. Completing the futuristic look are sharp, angular haircuts and long, latex-like gloves.

Bulky knits are another runway highlight, knee-length sweaters of colossal proportion knotted on either the front or back of each model. Such twisted manipulation of fabric lasts throughout the show, and is seen on thick denim sets held together by a single tie.

No choice bolder than a pillowy sequin gown, Jacobs exercises the right to choose in a mirage of holographic hot pink. An extended, angular neckline balances a full body of stuffed, shapely fabric, and, of course, the collection’s constant: strappy white platforms and high reaching gloves.

When the bright hues of the show fade to whites and blacks, the silhouettes are only amplified. The collection’s standout accessory makes it appearance here, a super-sized slouchy shoulder bag paired with all-white sets and a skirt covered in polka dots of varying sizes. The latter look features a dark, triangular head covering, concealing the identity of the model like a bandit through the night.

The collection still features its fair share of straight-cuts, like one silky high-neck dress with fabric amassed at the hip.

Watch the full show, below.

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