Marc Jacobs Learns How to Drive

Marc Jacobs is just like us now! Kind of.

For most people, it’s a milestone that takes place around 16 years of age. For Marc Jacobs, it’s happening at a tender 56. The American fashion designer is learning how to drive.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube page, Jacobs takes the driver’s seat of his pal’s Audi for a quick lesson around a Home Depot parking lot. Save the whip, it’s a scene pretty much everyone has experienced. The designer’s outfit even looked like something we would’ve rocked with confidence in our teenage years: a pink Snoopy sweatpant-plus-hoodie combo, orange bucket hat and Adidas slides.

Part out of innocence, part out of privilege, Jacobs pokes around the car looking for the right switches and buttons—inching his seat forward, rolling up the windows—before embarking on his wild drive at a daring three MPH. The drive itself was a bit more daunting than Jacobs had expected. He’s mildly overwhelmed by the multitasking that driving entails: checking for traffic, turning the wheel, pressing the accelerator, all at the same time.

The newness of it all isn’t lost on the designer when it comes to buying a car, either, which is exactly what he does after his lesson in Driving 101. Jacobs and his companion hit up a luxury automobile outlet, hopping in a few cars and checking out their specs. At one point, the fashion mogul confidently pointed at what was, in fact, an automatic transmission, and asked if the car was stick shift (to which his friend replied a quick and disheartened, “no.”)

After some customization-talk and convincing on behalf of his friend, Jacobs settles on a brand new, custom-made Porsche, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the beat-up hand-me-down car most teenagers get as their first car. In typical designer fashion, Jacobs inquires as to the exact leather, stitching, color and embroidery possible for his joyriding vehicle of choice.

Here’s hoping that we see Jacobs on the road soon. In the meantime, watch the designer’s first foray into the liberating world of licensed drivers.

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