Marcell Von Berlin Debuts MWEAR Collection

MWEAR Capsule combines design, cityscapes and leisure.

Berlin-based brand Marcell Von Berlin is blending together and paying homage to two lively cities, Berlin and Los Angeles, in their latest MWEAR Collection. MWEAR provides a twist on the genres of techno and punk that shaped these cities, producing a collection that is a gender-bending inclusive leisure-wear line. 

“I wanted to provide a gender-neutral experience with unisex streetwear styles, empowering each individual and their unique way of being, focusing on individuality and identity,” says designer Marcell Pustul. “The hero of the collection features Nick Killian, a Southern Californian native who uses music and streetwear fashion as an artform.”

Composed of high-quality essentials such as t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and shorts, the collection features Los Angeles and Berlin monogram symbols throughout. The underground Berlin spirit combined with a carefree West Coast aesthetic creates a collection effortlessly 

Coming together in sleek black silhouettes, the pieces of the collection are adorned with delicate “M” logos on the front of shirts and bottom corner of shorts, and an elaborate streetwear design depicting the essence of the two cities on the back of shirts and sweatshirts.

Completely made up of 100% cotton, the streetwear collection further represents the street-art seen in these cities, adhering to a specific subculture of expression and design.

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