Marcelo Burlon Teams Up With Rizzoli For Retrospective Book

Get ready to bring the multicultural and effervescent world of Burlon straight to your coffee table.

The mastermind behind one of Italy’s cutting-edge, streetwear brands ‘County of Milan’, Marcelo Burlon, is preparing for a 352-page book with the iconic publisher, Rizzoli.

Aptly titled ‘Marcelo Burlon County of Milan: Confidential’, the fashion and music polymath is capturing the essence of his brand and ethos in a lush keepsake that follows the structure of a police investigation report, complete with suspects, evidence, and detailed profiles—cheeky, irreverent, and totally Marcelo. A fixture of the nightlife scene since his arrival to Italy as an Argentina-born teenager with his simple Patagonian upbringings in El Bolson, Burlon’s lifelong testament to the diversity of culture in both music and fashion sees its apex in the book, as the brand’s ultra-colorful and fiery approach for a globally diverse world comes together in a celebration like no other.

Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Cataloging his foray into fashion with the birth of County of Milan and his first line of t-shirts, inspired by his Argentinian upbringing and the club culture of the ’90s which went on to sell an impressive 10,000+ t-shirts to 90 stores, the reflective monograph brings his journey from party organizer for the likes of Prada, Nike, Versace, Jil Sander, to world-renowned DJ and music curator, to fashion’s most established disruptor, into a life snapshot with 300 color personal photographs, sketches, and illustrations that culminate in a fluid dream of tomorrow.

Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

Alongside Burlon, author Angelo Flaccavento, one of Italy’s most illustrious fashion journalists states “The modus operandi of the adult Marcelo Burlon ties in with the character of the place that formed him as a child and with the experiences he had there: sublime landscapes, wide-open nature, and a community of hippies who had joined the gauchos, fugitives, and political refugees already there. Shamanic rituals and libertarian culture, paganism, and beatnik ideology created a lasting impression-an imprinting upon him.”

Courtesy of Marcelo Burlon

The book is set to be released globally tomorrow. Want a copy? Purchase the book online here!

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