María Isabel Solidifies Herself as Latin R&B’s Newest Star with “No Soy Para Ti”

Remember this name because she is on her way to the top of the charts.

In just one year, María Isabel went from recent college grad living with family in her native Queens and seeking an “in” to the music industry to blowing up in Latin music. Today, the Dominican-American songstress cements herself as one to watch — and listen to — with the drop of her latest hit, “No Soy Para Ti”. In an angelically sweet voice, she melds a tale of toxic lovers and a relationship gone awry. María Isabel finds freedom in a breakup, declaring herself liberated from someone she knows to be no good for her.

The simplest advice is often the hardest pill to swallow when enthralled by the depths of desire. “Don’t go where you aren’t loved”, the bilingual superstar croons through Spanglish lyrics while awakening from a love-blind trance. As she discovers empowerment in heartbreak, the 24-year old rising star embraces self-love above all else. After just one short year since the release of her first EP, described as “sultry love letters disguised as songs lacquered with Reggaeton flair”, María partners with the top of pop’s fave director, Alfred Marroquin, for the song’s visuals. 

The reggaeton-infused “No Soy Para Ti” is the young talent’s first release on Warner Records. This track comes as her latest follow-up to April’s 2-part release of “Buy Your Own Flowers” and “Love Song,” in partnership with COLORS and Burberry. 

Check out María Isabel’s latest single and music video, out now.



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