Marianna Rosati, the Designer Behind the Luxury Leather Label DROMe

Marianna Rosati, the Designer Behind the Luxury Leather Label DROMe

Marianna Rosati, the Designer Behind the Luxury Leather Label DROMe

Get to know the designer behind the luxury leather label.

Get to know the designer behind the luxury leather label.

Text: Danielle Combs

For Marianna Rosati, founder and designer of Italian label DROMe, crafting leather into cutting-edge iterations of skirts, trousers, dresses, and jackets has solidified her place as one of the designers to know as of late. Today, DROMe is unveiling their latest SS18 campaign. Inspired by the ’90s, the campaign focuses on a minimal approach, with every shot being suspended in an undetermined time and space. Each images captured expresses a sense of roughness and exclusive sophistication, portraying a woman with a strong personality who is bold and independent. In an exclusive interview with V, Marianna discusses her distinct aesthetic, how the line was conceived, and her plans for the future.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? 

I can't think of a precise moment when I realized this desire, it just grew into me and naturally manifested. I think it is something that I’ve had in me since I was a kid, and the desire grew stronger as I got older.

How would you describe the DROMe aesthetic? 

The DROMe aesthetic is minimal, chic, and sophisticated with a raw and daunting edge. It is perfectly imperfect and it rotates around the idea of applying subtle detailing to classic garments, adding an offset, vibrant attitude. It’s made with unconventional proportions and a sharp focus on volume and shape.

How was DROMe conceived? 

DROMe was a dream I had in my drawer. I had the chance to make it happen and didn't think about it twice. I wanted to experiment with leather in a way that was out of the ordinary and broke the usual leather rules.

Leather is a mainstay seen throughout your collections. Why is it the perfect material to work with and why do you tend to use it the most? 

I started DROMe by basing the project only in leather, working with the material as if it was fabric. I think leather is a beautiful, luxurious material with great potential that is not always noticed, and I wanted to bring it into the spotlight. Eventually, the collection started to evolve and include additional materials and fabrics as well.

The company has been making leather pieces in Italy for decades. How is it helpful to have that history behind you? 

It has been very helpful. I have a deep background of knowledge in the leather field and having the company as a resource is incredible because it allows me to go beyond the barriers.

What is your creative process like when designing a new collection? 

I always start by looking for an attitude, atmosphere, and a color palette. From there, I move onto studying silhouettes and choosing materials. It is always about trying to evolve from the previous season, bring concepts forward, and develop a completely new thing.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

Everywhere. I like keeping my eyes and mind opened to capture images, people, colors, and atmospheres that I like and then I transfer it all into a mood board. Inspiration can come from a photo, a painting, a person walking down the street, a movie. I like to listen to my feelings.

What type of girls do you envision wearing your line? 

The DROMe woman is a sophisticated, cultured person with an edgy side. She loves beautiful and luxurious things, but she is never too classic. She likes to be sensual in a subtle way.

Are there any upcoming projects you have in store for the future? 

Evolving the collection is my main project: expanding into different categories, including accessories. This process is really important to me to continue establishing DROMe as a leading brand.


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