Marina Drops “Diamonds,” and a New Track

Marina releases her first single in four years.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend—unless you’re Marina, that is. The artist formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds is dropping the bling from her stage name, going by the simple moniker “MARINA” for her new musical chapter. Allow the Welsh pop star to reintroduce herself with a new single and video, “Handmade Heaven,” off her highly anticipated fourth album, rumored to be titled MARINA4.

The video depicts a Narnia-like winter wonderland, enhanced by Marina’s chilling vocals. Still delivering her trademark dreamy sound, the song trades romantic themes for one of self-love—demonstrating that Marina is the architect of her own handmade heaven.

The song officially dispels fears of Marina’s retirement, stirred up in the wake of her last album, FROOT, when she publicly took a break from recording. Despite the four-year hiatus that ensued, it’s clear that Marina’s renaissance is only getting started.

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