Marine Serre Debuts Latest SS2023 Collection, Coinciding with the Celebration of the House’s Sixth Anniversary

Serre’s latest “State of Soul” Collection asks you to leave your phone behind and join together to rely on the regenerative power of collective celebration.

Presented in an outlandish location of a track and field venue, Marine Serre’s “State of Soul” Spring/Summer 2023 Collection was disclosed. With an emphasis on each individual’s “State of Soul,” that was the brand’s own unique derivative of the translation of the French état d’esprit. The house takes into consideration all the anxiety, isolation, and losses resulting from the past couple of years and accentuates the importance that the state of one’s soul requires the regenerative power that comes as a result of joining together in joyful celebration.

This collection invites us to arrive at the truth which occurs when we leave our omnipresent phones along with all fears of being clumsy or out of control behind and enter into an all-powerful trance as a result of complete existence in the present moment. The house’s priority was too narrow in on the act of perfecting their movements while also allowing themselves the space to experience a singular liberation.

Agreeing on the radical decision to throw the doors as wide open as possible, Serre promised to be genuinely inclusive, guaranteeing that its designs and experiences are accessible to all. With the collection debut coinciding with the label’s sixth anniversary, they invited 1.5K of their dedicated followers to unite in celebration of Serre’s lifelong dedication to circularity or distinctive reliance on regenerated materials to creatively transform traditional fashion conventions. Marking this special anniversary as the “mutation” of their State of Soul.

Following this narrative, today’s collection reveals participants grouped in delegations as they march out onto the track, correlating with the most emotional opening ceremonies. The Marine Serre team escorts the parade, followed by a squad composed of friends, muses, athletes, and artists who constantly inspire them.

The members of the different delegations sport the latest offerings of the house, including, appropriately, the houses’ range of athletic swimwear made from recycled fibers, a collection of sculptural body-con creations fashioned from upcycled denim, and Gardener designs which celebrate the possibility of stylishly working the earth. Not to mention, grunge-inspired looks crafted from upcycled silk scarves in green tones and clever spins on the iconic and colorful twinsets of ’90s Parisian runways—devised from regenerated towels, to create the perfect outfits for the infernal temperatures of our global-warming reality.

A striking grouping of featherweight, fluid, and sensual silks, decorated with the house’s innovative new patterns, derived from scans of antique jewelry finds. To conclude the presentation, the house premiered the latest iteration of their signature moon print in black, expanded into a bold catsuit, and adorned with one-of-a-kind artisanal jewelry pieces, each crafted from vintage discoveries.

Watch the full show below:


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