Marine Serre Gets To The Heart Of Ready-To-Wear

The designer infuses her collection with a soulful, down-to-earth touch.

Marine Serre’s new installment ditches vacant runway stares and lifeless models for a distinctly human showcase. Dubbed “CORE,” a homophone for coeur (the French word for heart),  Serre’s latest collection is a warm, genuine display of humanity in a time where connection is scarce.

“It stands for the heart, the central part of a celestial body, the foundational and the enduring part; it is where all the lines meet each other, the interconnection point, the internal memory of a computer, the soul, the inmost, and the essential,” said the brand’s Instagram.

Instead of your typical runway show, Serre created an interactive website to showcase the collection. A voiceover in French plays alongside documentaries of models displaying how the collection’s pieces interact in real life: shopping at a farmer’s market, playing outside with family, making morning eggs and coffee. Each intimate short film lets viewers envision their daily lives unfolding while wearing Marine Serre. The pieces are not just built for runway strutting, but for stretching with you through yoga poses and getting a little dirty while cooking and gardening.

Ecofuturism and sustainability are present themes throughout the collection. A versatile, practical blend of materials are incorporated into the garments: sturdy leather, flexible knitwear, and upcycled silk scarves reworked into patchworked shirts, belts, and headpieces. A hallmark of Marine Serre’s collection, the repurposed scarves embody the installment’s versatility.

“As a fervent archaoligist of textiles, Marine Serre has been collecting them forever,” says a feature on the collection’s website. “They allowed her to break the glass ceiling of upcycling: a real risk.”

Each distinct medium works in harmony for a cohesive, wearable collection. Tartan scarves look deliciously cozy while draped over trousers and knitwear, and jacquard pieces infuse the collection with intricate texture. More solemn, expertly tailored office-friendly separates are contrasted by punk graphic tees. Her iconic crescent moon motif is present throughout, giving rugged charm to woven sweaters and elevating athletic wear. No detail was spared making the collection as practical as possible — Serre went as far as adapting her signature multi-pocket jacket to include a spot for hand sanitizer.

While the color scheme is dominated by neutrals and earth tones, pops of lilac in sportier pieces give the collection a playful touch. Decadent patterns, swingy fringed hems, and deftly mixed mediums add movement and texture.

Particularly effective looks included patchwork red statement pants paired with a simple black top and draped scarves, and a caramel brown swirled midi skirt made of upcycled fleece with a matching knotted scarf that looks impossibly soft.

Alongside the documentary and ready-to-wear collection, the installment also included a keepsake book offering further insight into CORE’s ethos. “CORE is a love letter to all who are feeling lost in a world of isolation,” says the collection’s statement. “This year we found strength in our roots and imagination as a force for transformation”


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