Harmonious fashion takes the stage in Marine Serre’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, ​​”Heartbeat.” Weaving the essence of music into clothing through an ode to the vibrant nightlife scene, the collection features eleven renowned music artists, including Teyana Taylor, Noah Cyrus, and Miguel.

Teyana Taylor | Courtesy of Marine Serre
Noah Cyrus | Courtesy of Marine Serre
Miguel | Courtesy of Marine Serre

“Heartbeat” highlights a plethora of techniques, fabrics, and silhouettes, with many of them regenerated from upcycled or deadstock materials. Marine Serre’s new collection presents a megamix of denim and crochet, vibrant colors and patterns, and Marine Serre’s signature crescent moon motif. 

Courtesy of Marine Serre

Symbolizing spontaneous outings, Denim takes the spotlight, commanding the collection with over ten striking looks featuring the iconic blue jeans. The harmonious fusion showcases artfully twisted seams, mini-skirts, boxy vests, and looks reminiscent of Madonna’s cone bra. Moons adorn the busts and backside, adding a touch of sensuality.

Courtesy of Marine Serre, featuring Sevdaliza

Crochet looks, once confined to domestic realms but now since entered mainstream fashion, dominate the collection. One dress beautifully represents the totality of the upcycled crochet looks, meticulously crafted from upcycled granny-square blankets.

Courtesy of Marine Serre

Animal prints flood the collection, speaking to the primal instinct felt in conjunction with a pulsating rhythm. The collection brims with a myriad of captivating patterns, including vibrant hibiscus blooms and playful snippets seemingly taken from T-shirts, such as a Garfield print.

Courtesy of Marine Serre

Marine Serre’s “Heartbeat” collection is full of life, immersing your senses in a symphony of visual rhythm.

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