Marni Presents Digital Experience WEARWEARE for Spring/Summer 2022

The brand brings their new collection to the animated world for an immersive shopping experience. 

In the classic ‘90s movie Clueless, Cher Horowitz uses a computer game of sorts to pick out her outfit. She has a 2D figure of herself that she uses to try on outfits and pick which one looks the best. A video game built for the purpose of fashion brings a unique interactive experience to shopping. For their Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Marni steps beyond the basic video game from Clueless, and transports their clientele into a Marni metaverse.

WEARWEARE is Marni’s new digital experience. The experience transforms the models from the Spring/Summer 2022 Vol. 2 runway and inserts them into an animated world on Marni’s website. This is the brand’s first venture into virtual worlds. It begins a chapter that the brand hopes to expand upon, both in and out of virtuality. Marni hopes to further engage its audience through immersive content and through the use of cutting-edge technologies. 

“We expanded the ideals of human connection at the core of the physical fashion show last September, offering users a new point of view and a new entry-point to engage with content in a very personal and immersive way,” said Francesco Risso, the creative director at Marni. 

Marni enlists the help of FUTURECORP, a studio that design and develops digital experiences, to create WEARWEARE. David Stamatis, the ECD at FUTURECORP, and Tino Schaedler, the Head of Design at the company, said “In the end, what we most wanted to capture was the possibility of a new state of being: the hyperreal. One in which the digital and physical experiences are not just connected, but enhanced by the other to create one transformative whole.” 

WEARWEARE presents the new collection through a 3D lookbook, an AR interface, and an immersive virtual environment. Users are able to interact with the models, their surroundings, and directly shop through the virtual universe. The new digital frontier is available through the Marni website, as well as on QR codes on Marni store windows. 

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