Marni’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection is All About Keeping it Simple and Playful

Marni presents its newest Fall/Winter 2023 collection in Tokyo.

From boxy to flat, polka dots to checkered, red to yellow, enters Marni’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Presented in a very specific order based on color and pattern, the collection represents an extremely fresh and clean take compared to last year’s theme of deconstruction. Presented on February 1st in Tokyo, Japan, this collection is certainly a testament to Francesco Risso’s creative direction.

Within each color scheme comes a plain color block followed by a more playful look to accompany the other. Starting with a yellow bodysuit paired with straight-legged corduroy pants the next look offers quite an opposite silhouette. Think oversized and boxy. The yellow and black checkered mohair set gives the collection rhythm and offers a more relaxed fit.

The color scheme swiftly changes to a bright red, Elmo’s color. From a bright oversized blazer to a skin-tight knitted off-the-shoulder dress, these pieces are shameless and playful, complementing one other’s fit, and can be worn together.

Following the bold and bright colors, the collection shifts to a fresher, cleaner feel of black and white. The suit of this collection is quite the optical illusion instigated by the intense polka dots from head to toe including the bag, undershirt, and shoes. Suiting this look is an inversion of these colors printed on a boxy mini dress.

The star of the show is certainly the all-black look. Whether made for a night out or everyday wear, the look is completed by a leather pencil skirt that flares out slightly at the bottom, a tightly knitted jumper, and the highlight of the outfit and perhaps the collection, a black vinyl coat with triangular fur collars sticking out.

Whilst Risso opted for a simpler feel to this collection compared to the past, he still kept in line with the brand’s overall themes by ensuring some out-of-the-box pieces and showcasing the brand’s brilliant creative concepts.

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