Marni’s Fall/Winter ’21 Collection is a Love Letter For Romantics

With a vibrant color palette and bold silhouettes, this is what love looks like.

A love letter to intimacy and a proclamation of the inherent romanticism of being, the Fall/Winter 2021 Vol.2 Collection by Marni is an ode to devotion.


Color, shape and fabric complement each other like lovers in an embrace across the collection, dotting a vibrant and bold palette with delicate drapery, defined silhouettes, tactile garments mimicking a sweet embrace. What is modern romanticism—what makes a Romantic? Marni gives the answer: it is imagination conquering authority, gaze and touch ebbing reality, the everyday flowing as a cycle of constantly reborn experiences of romance.

The Italian luxury fashion house presents a series of garments that are intimate and personal, a hand-written note passed between lovers, preserved on parchment through the years. Black is the ink on the page, the stormy romance, the underlying hue tying a series of eclectic, bold pieces together.


Like the old Romantics, the modern Romantics are infatuated with nature, the unconditional love of Mother Earth—prints and treatments mimic solar rays, allowing brightness to emerge from beyond the clouds, an expansive horizon giving silhouetted keys and scissors to the clothes, the shadow of roses and sunflowers in their wake.

Creative Director Francesco Risso has birthed a collection reenvisioning what love is—a profoundly personal statement made loud and exciting, intimacy brought into the light, a shout of adoration. The noisiest elements of tailoring are woven into the collection: oversized volume, exaggerated construction and deconstruction, zippers and ruffles are key to Marni this season, morphing the everyday into a celebration, mimicking the sudden beauty and excitement that comes to the mundane in the face of loving and being loved.


Through a keenly observant and emotional lens, Marni has rewritten wardrobe. Shirts are tapered at the waist to become corsages, while trench coats are given a rounded petticoat in the way of a cake skirt and hoodies are elongated and widened to become opera cloaks. Everywhere you look: ruffles, exaggeration, nylon and taffeta, the crochet of a jumper and the embellishment of jewelry developed in collaboration with Tom Binns. The collection is a feat of love, the possibilities it carries with it, the strange confidence and openness romanticism brings.

Standout pieces of the collection are at once emotional and evocative. There is the dress of a modern princess, long-sleeved with a corset waist, hand-dyed in a glimmer of pinks and oranges and blues, the sunset before an eclipse. There is a chromatic silver gown, a contrast to the quiet, subdued intimacy of a simple leather coat, black on one shoulder and brown on the other—the meeting of familiars, brought together in one design. With this collection, love transcends a written language, a tactile one, a visual one, and becomes, instead, a worn one.


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