Marni’s New Homeware Collection is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

“Marni Market Goes Around” is a vibrant and portable collection for all your picnic needs.

Picnic season approaches, and the new Marni collection is ready to travel to all your favorite spots. Designed for life on the move, each item is sturdy and crafted by experienced Columbian artisans. The brightly colored blankets and pillows fit easily into a bike basket and look stunning in any setting. Gatherings in backyards, on beaches, and in meadows are all elevated by the bold patterns and sunny colors. The aesthetic is kitschy and fun, ready to take on the partially-vaccinated world outdoors (with its blessedly lower viral transmission rates). It’s the perfect collection to shop for Mother’s Day – as the days get warmer, your mom deserves to spend them in the sunshine.

The pieces also function indoors, however, where they can brighten rainy days and enjoy year-round use. Many of them are multi-purpose – stools can easily double as coffee tables, and indoor throws can become outdoor rugs. With so many options to choose from, these versatile presents will please both the mom who prefers to stay in the AC and the mom who loves to get a tan. Tufted wool bags bring delightful texture, while multi-colored PVC brings a practical touch. The impressive craftsmanship is evident throughout; these are gifts your mom will treasure for years to come.

Browse the collection for your perfect gift on the Marni website.

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