Marrakshi Life releases Collection 09

Marrakshi Life Collection 09 radiates vibrant color and architectural design

Marrakshi Life Collection 09 exudes vibrant colors, architectural shapes, and traditional Moroccan silhouettes. Like every collection of Marrakshi Life, color is an essential framework that evokes a sense of delight and amazement within the pieces. They produce hand-woven and made-to-order fashion in Marracech, Morocco. 

Collection 09 opens with asymmetrical panels of fabric in a color palette referred to as “Indian Summer Rainbow,” inspired by the primary hues found in Morocco. However as the collection progresses the mood as well as the hues become darker by introducing purples, blacks, and pinks, which express a romantic sensibility. The collection ends in with American sportswear created in ecru, blue, and yellow plaids, incorporating a nod to the classic rugby collar. 

The brand was originally launched in 2013 by New York fashion photographer Randall Bachner. The brand focuses on comfort and craftsmanship, and draws inspiration from the traditional Moroccan wardrobe. They use Moroccan weaving practices to embed the native culture into their brand. Marrakshi Life also adheres to a zero-waste policy, meaning they take scrap materials from garments and use them in future development and production, including patchwork pieces, rag weave,  and home goods.

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