Marshall Columbia’s Third Collection Is Quirky And Eclectic

The New York based label provides a fresh approach to dynamic design with off-kilter sensibility

A childhood obsession with arts, crafts, and bright colors has carried Brooklyn designer Marshall Columbia into his namesake label, combining nostalgia with expression in an eccentric line. His third collection boasts the same bold designs and ready-to-wear garments that define his brand, this time debuting new colorways, footwear, menswear, and the Moonflower shoulder bag.

The campaign features bright neon colors that contrast against a solid black background, with a set of characters that exude unconventionality. Columbia’s costume design background can be seen through his exaggerated approach to fashion, with cutouts, dynamic silhouettes, and unpredictable color pairings sprawled throughout the collection.

The label is defined by a signature smiley flower logo—a thick, squiggly shape that mimics the same peculiar vibe seen throughout all three collections—printed on hoodies, tees, and slouchy denim. Dresses, blazers, bikinis, and handbags are embellished with hand-beading as flattering silhouettes offer a playful approach to femininity.


Menswear is introduced in this third collection with baggy silhouettes and oversized denim—a stray from his trademark curve-hugging pieces, yet still true to Marshall Columbia’s archive though the flower motif and bright colorways. “I always try to pull from early memories as my initial reference point for a collection. And with my first menswear collection I’ve been thinking a lot back to when the only thing me and my neighborhood friends would do was skate,” said Columbia. “There was a skatepark right next to my house so it was the obvious thing to do growing up in the suburbs of Colorado. What would it look like if the skatepark was an inclusive place?”

The Moonflower bag, offered in black, neon blue, green, pink, and orange is the perfect statement accessory with its plush materiality and vibrant beading. Explore the bag and Marshall Columbia’s newest collection here.

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