Matty Bovan’s ‘Deep Space Nymphs’ Lean Into The Digital

The designer’s AW 2023 collection plays with notions of humanity, splendor and a touch of AI

In traditional maximalist fashion, designer Matty Bovan has unveiled his AW 2023 collection within the cherry red bar and lounge of London’s Upstairs at Langan’s, putting on display a presentation so intricate it begs to be looked at closer. 

Created almost entirely from deadstock fabrics, the collection focuses on avant-garde shapes and sci-fi-inspired designs that are one-of-a-kind, utilizing innumerable contrasting textures, colors and appliques. Nearly futuristic yet also mystical in aesthetic, the rich jewel-toned garments feature ruffles atop of ruffles, puffy sleeves, belts as necklaces, safety pinned panels, abstract shaped purses, and patterns so incompatible that it nearly makes your head hurt. Turquoise gowns worn on top of tie-dyed shirts, mask-like sunglasses, and full-sleeve gloves further the juxtaposing sensibilities, creating designs that transform models from human to a robot-esq personas. Each look is completed with custom Dr. Marten platform boots designed by Matty Bovan Studio and graphic black and white eyeliner. 


Yet, all of these daring elements were chosen specifically to create a collection designed to illustrate humanity’s sumptuous antithesis to a digital future dominated by AI, according to the designer. Hand drawn, hand touched, mistakes, these all contribute to my world of splendor and luxury, infused with the dirty, worn, and overdyed,” shares Bovan. The result is twofold: the collection summons an almost eerie feeling of dystopia, yet contrastingly also evokes a sense of opulence and extravagance.  

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