The accomplishments of Salvatore Ferragamo are countless and have brought the designer recognition for his revolutionary concepts of design. His innovative understanding of footwear has significantly impacted the way the fashion world views function and style. Credited for the invention of the wedge, Ferragamo proves the brand’s unmatched understanding of human anatomy. Manipulating color and material, the imaginative creator has built up a brand that provides a comfortable yet striking look. 

Judy Garland, the American sweetheart, whose acting, singing, and dancing won the hearts of many, had taken notice of Ferragamo’s keen eye for craftsmanship. Her interest prompted the invention of one of Ferragamo’s most coveted designs. In 1938, the Rainbow Sandal was created. The original design was constructed in Kidskin leather with a layered cork soul and featured a sky-high platform heel adorned with a rainbow-patterned suede. Inspired by the spunky and lovable Garland, the shoe was celebrated for its clever structure and colorful design, and today is looked upon with a cult-like reverence. The shoe serves as the inspiration for many designers and creatives that appreciate Ferragamo’s imaginative take on traditional concepts. Recently featured in the cinematic ode to Ferragamo’s career, ‘Salvatore- Shoemaker of Dreams’ which premiered at the 77th Venice film festival, the shoe remains a noteworthy accomplishment for the designer. The original design is now showcased in the Ferragamo Archive in Florence, but the design is coming back to stores with a new and fresh flair.

As a part of the Collezione Pre-Fall 2023 collection, the Rainbow Sandal reemerges with a modern spin as Maximilian Davis has reproduced the iconic shoe to reflect an origami knot motif. The designs now come in a variety of vibrant colorways: Green, Bubble Gum Pink, Ferragamo Red, Black, and Gold. The fusion of classic and modern techniques creates a comparable design that celebrates Ferragamo’s innovative vision in a way that reflects contemporary influences.

The shoes and other designs from the Pre-Fall collection are available on the Ferragamo Website.

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