Maziar Rajabi on How Traveling the Globe Inspires Him As An Author 

Eat, pray, love.

Traveling the world is a life-changing experience. It helps you expand your horizons, imbibe new experiences, and grow as a person. Travel holds different implications for different individuals. Maziar Rajabi is immensely passionate about traveling and enjoys exploring new places. For him, travel serves as a catalyst through which he draws inspiration as an author.  

Maziar’s penchant for travel is deep-rooted and serves as an integral part of his creative process as an author. Scenic visages, solitude, and nature help Maziar collect his thoughts and communicate them eloquently through his books. Maziar added, “I’ve always loved traveling. It has helped me grow as a person and allowed me to do some of my best writing.” 

 Maziar started with Canadian Green Solutions as a Co-Founder and then expanded his horizons at Verse Oil Service for International energy trading, a year after getting inside Mattioli S.A.S, an Italian company active in Petrochemical trading. Being a business partner with more than six European companies in diverse sectors, Maziar shares, “By writing books, I aim to take my readers through the specific events I have been through and what challenges I’ve faced. These narratives can immensely help others who may end up in the same situations.” 

 In his book, “Entrepreneurship in Bitumen Business,” Maziar shares some invaluable insights that one learns only through experience. 

It shouldn’t be about the money but the value  

Based out of Erbil, the capital city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Rajabi shares that there are certain guiding principles and values that he believes are the base of a business. 

 “Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be too mindful of making profits as they should be about creating value,” says the young entrepreneur. After his studies, Rajabi’s father advised him to tow the same line instead of searching for another job. Rajabi, who recently authored a book, “Entrepreneurship in Bitumen Business,” had his plans in mind and decided to go through the uncharted waters. His solid educational background and an innate desire to make a difference helped him excel.  

Turning challenges to growth opportunities  

Rajabi set out on a journey looking to set his area of dominance from the city of Iraq. According to him, he had always seen the enormous potential in his land. Unlike others, the region had the advantage of having abundant natural resources that could facilitate the manufacturing sector’s growth. Rajabi exploited these potentials that he identified.  

Scaling a business  

Just as most startupsRajabi faced problems while trying to put his business on the track. He dug deep to look for solutions and, in the bid, carried out several types of research on ways to scale a business. His efforts paid off.  

The art of keeping stress at bay  

Starting a venture or running a business can diminish one’s ability and may slip into stress and anxiety swiftly, says Rajabi. “The challenges that you face in those crucial times may push you into disappointment. To deal with such issues, it is ideal that entrepreneurs have realistic expectations and plans, especially at the commencement of the enterprise. They should be ready to accept the outcomes while striving hard to become better,” he advises the upcoming entrepreneurs.  

 Stress is part of the deal for any entrepreneur whose attention must go to every affair of a company. It must be appropriately managed, he says.  

As Rajabi says, “Eat right, meditate, exercise, and maintain a balance with your work and life.”  

 According to Rajabi, cultural differences cannot be ignored as each community has its way of living and cultural uniqueness. ”It is, therefore, vital to know the cultural diversities of different regions and respect each project’s diversity, too,” he says. Succeeding in entrepreneurship amid challenges is a journey that requires steadfastness and commitment the way Rajabi has been able to display over the years.  

 Even while doing business, Rajabi kept on enhancing his academic knowledge in various subjects from different institutions in the world. He received a certificate in Disciplined Entrepreneurship from MIT University, a Global Diplomacy Program certificate from the London University, and an International Project Management certificate from Adelaide University. He has written the book “Paving the Road to Success inspired by Maziar Rajabi.”  


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