MCM Made a DJ Case

Luxury leather brand MCM partnered with artist Johannes Wohnseifer to create a limited edition DJ case.

For the latest installment of luxury leather brand MCM’s relationship with global art gallery KÖNIG GALERIE, the brand partnered with German artist Johannes Wohnseifer to create a limited edition branded DJ case. 

The classic exterior.

The design of the case marries the classical elegance of the MCM brand with futurism, filled with various media elements designed to incorporate important elements of pop culture, touching on the impact of mass media and political propaganda. Wohnseifer was inspired by MCM’s nearly 50-year history while creating the case, which is designed to appeal to MCM customers as well as a broader group of art collectors. Elements of the interior include an unreleased track by DJ duo Schaeben & Voss, and two original artworks by Wohnseifer.

The futuristic interior.
The futuristic interior.

KÖNIG GALERIE is renowned in the art world. With locations in Berlin, London, Seoul, and Vienna, they represent over 40 established and emerging artists around the globe. 

The KÖNIG SOUVENIR I Johannes Wohnseifer I MCM Edition premiered this week at Gallery Weekend Berlin, and will also be showcased at Frieze in Seoul this September. You can also purchase one now at, for around $7,930. 

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