MCM ONYX: A Fragrance for the Digital Nomad at Heart

Who says you can’t bring fragrance to the metaverse? MCM argues otherwise.

A mighty concoction of succulent scents is brewing in the house of MCM. In collaboration with Inter Parfums Inc., the Munich-based luxury giant adds a third installment to its fragrance collection. Introducing Onyx, MCM shifts gears with its latest release.

For one, it’s the house’s first men’s fragrance. While that may not sound revolutionary, here’s the twist. This isn’t your average cologne for the tuxedo-clad gentleman of the past. Onyx is for the liberated man, one who fears not the unknown and relishes being in the moment. It is for the brazen digital nomad of today’s zeitgeist.

Hand-picked Nigerian ginger and invigorating pink pepper swirl around French lavender, basil, and tonka. It’s crisp, a tad sweet, and fiery underneath its surface. Onyx flirts with darkness like the precious stone it’s sharply dubbed after. A mysterious yet irresistible scent ensues on the border between fresh and floral with a dash of earthy woods.

Courtesy of MCM

When you think of “traveling beyond,” the first thing that comes to mind might be a trip to another city, country, or perhaps, even another planet. MCM takes this notion to the next level—quite literally—with Onyx’s campaign. You won’t fully experience it on a billboard or on the glossy pages of a fashion magazine. Think again. MCM brings the nomad to the metaverse using CG techniques as a vehicle for storytelling.

Immersive and blurring the lines between reality and virtual fantasy, its latest campaign gets rendered in a game engine. As fragrance zooms into the digital realm, Onyx explores how we should experience fragrance.

“This design is at heart of MCM DNA, epitomizing the free spirit of travel,” says MCM President Sabine Brunner. “We are excited about this new fragrance that takes our tribe of 21st-century digital nomads on a transcending journey from ingredient to sentiment, fragrance to feeling and note to emotion.” What could capture the free spirit of travel more than a backpack-shaped bottle?

Courtesy of MCM

Taking form in MCM’s instantly recognizable Stark backpack, the house’s award-winning bottle design is steeped in midnight hues of black and dark grey. Adding some metallic accents to the equation, MCM captures what the new wave of nomads is all about in an instantly grammable gunmetal bottle.

While designed for the digital nomad traversing boundaries and exploring the unknown, MCM proposes that those who aren’t yet sold on the lifestyle, too, can take an adventure without taking their life on the road. All it takes is the spray of a bottle and a whiff of some Onyx.

MCM’s Onyx is now available at MCM boutiques worldwide and on its official website.

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