MCM’s Vintage Jacquard Monogram Collection is the Perfect Summer Staple

With the first new pattern in the brand’s history, MCM’s new collection is the acclamation for summer

Summer 2021 is destined to be special: after the year-long pandemic, this summer is all about changes, hopes, and rebirth. This season, if you want to catch the vibe, MCM’s new Vintage Jacquard Monogram will be a perfect choice.

For the 45th Anniversary, MCM released the Vintage Monogram Jacquard capsule collection, the first-ever new print in the brand’s history. Using traditional techniques of The Bauhaus textile school and taking a vintage aesthetic woven into the fabric, while accentuating the reminiscent of the classic monogram pattern, MCM’s new Vintage Jacquard Monogram reimagines it, escalating the brand’s creativity and artisanship to the next level.

The Vintage Jacquard Monogram is created in three timeless colorways; antique grey, modern blue, and royal red. From iconic handbags to accessories, items in this collection are all-inclusive, providing you with the right piece for any occasion. Here are some suggested pieces for every summer excursion:


For City Slicking

Available for both men and women, Skyward Platform Sneakers are the choice for a leisure city walk. A combination of athleisure and comfort, they are the chic go-to pair for everyday style.


For the Beach

How can one embrace the summer without hitting the beach? When you’re wandering around the beach, Vintage Jacquard Monogram Shawl is the pick to elevate your beachwear. Function-wise, it can also protect you from UVB rays.


For a Night Out

Cities are resuscitating. No matter if you’re going to hang out with friends who you haven’t seen in a while, or partying with your besties, MCM’s mini shoulder bag is the announcement for your return. 


For Back-to-School

Schools reopen in September. Wave hands and say goodbye to the year-long zoom classes. MCM’s classic Stark Backpack in the new Vintage monogram is a welcome sign to the back-to-school scenario.


For a Home Revamp

Still not ready for a hot girl summer? Opt for a glass of wine, some Netflix, and enjoy a chill night at home. The Vintage Jacquard Monogram Cushion helps. It elevates your domestic downtime while serving as a supportive companion.


The product assortment is available in-store and online now at





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