Meet Clarins’ Latest Eye Cream: The New Total Eye Lift

Meet Clarins’ Latest Eye Cream: The New Total Eye Lift


Meet Clarins’ Latest Eye Cream: The New Total Eye Lift

Clarins' Responsible Innovation Director Marie-Helene Lair explains the science behind the cream’s anti-aging ingredients.

Clarins' Responsible Innovation Director Marie-Helene Lair explains the science behind the cream’s anti-aging ingredients.

Photography: Max Papendieck

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Text: Kala Herh

In collaboration with Clarins, V Magazine allows a handful of VIPs to sample the French skincare brand’s new Total Eye Lift. Formulated with Organic extract and Cassie Flower wax, this lightweight balm promises to target fine lines, dark circles and crow’s feet. By stimulating the synthesis of skin-tightening proteins PARVIN and VINCULIN, mother nature’s powerful duo naturally lifts eye contour in 60 seconds, according to the brand. Clarins Responsible Innovation Director Marie-Helene Lair answers all our questions about the natural anti-aging properties of harungana, how to achieve maximum results as well as Clarins’ new clean beauty initiative. 

See below for the full conversation:

V Magazine: When did you start working with Clarins? What initially attracted you to the brand?

Marie-Helene Lair:  I started working with Clarins 6 years ago. I joined great teams working altogether in a true family spirit! I was so excited to join this brand since it’s a reference and expert in skincare with - and it is very important for me - a holistic approach. 

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V: Has skin always been something you have been interested in? How did that come about?

MHL: Skin is a “family” affair for me since my mother is a beautician. She used to work as training manager (for US brands mainly). So everything related to skin, product formulas, makeup pro tips and beauty in general have been at the core of my education. When I started to work as a pharmacist, quite frankly, I used to sell more moisturizers than medicine!

V: Who would you say the new Total Eye Lift product is made for? In recent years we’ve seen the youth take interest in skincare and aging prevention, would you say this is something older and younger consumers can use?

MHL: Total Eye Lift is dedicated to daughters, mothers and even grandmothers! It is a global and efficient answer to erase all eye contour issues. Thanks to two exceptional active ingredients, it has a double action: Harungana extract, by boosting collagen production, firms, lifts and treats signs of aging and lines – while Cassie wax extract protects, nourishes and smooths eye contour.

V: How is this product different from other anti-aging eye creams on the market? Can you describe the science behind this concentrate/cream?

MHL: Eye contour is a very fragile area. It is thinner than face, and solicited all day long by 22 muscles. The consequence? Multiple signs of fatigue and age. The innovation embodied by TEL is a global efficacy on all these signs.  To provide visible and immediate lifting action, we have selected Cassie wax with smoothing fatty acids and a specific application method. To stimulate specific tension proteins (Parvin & Vinculin) to tighten and lift the skin we have assessed the unique power of Harungana extract to replenish skin.

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 V: What makes the organic Harungana extract chemically effective at combating the aging process?

MHL: It is able to boost the synthesis of tension proteins but also collagen to help fight against wrinkles and lift skin.

V: We see very popular anti-aging ingredients on the market at the moment. However, Clarins opted for naturally derived ingredients. Can you elaborate on how the Harungana extract is just as effective, while not causing irritations?

MHL: Clarins is always committed to finding the best natural ingredients. Our labs have demonstrated that organic Harungana extract provides incredible anti-aging results but is more respectful of the skin than other more popular ingredients (in vitro test). 

 V: Why did Clarins choose this extract over other natural ingredients as the base for this cream?

MHL: To select the botanical ingredients in our formulas, we have followed the same inspiration since 1964: biomimicry. Harungana is a perfect example of this inspiration from Nature. Why? Because it is a pioneer plant. It is the first plant growing after slash and burn (deforestation) process. It is able to catch energy from sun, to regenerate soil. This ability of regeneration has inspired our experts who transposed this power to the skin. They have tested Harungana extract on skin cells and demonstrated its capacity to boost skin cells to synthesize fibers (collagen, tension proteins).

 V: Are there any other key ingredients in the total eye lift that fights anti-aging?

MHL: By helping to get rid of glycated proteins, Albizia extract contributes to preserving skin firmness and visibly minimize under-eye bags. This action is even reinforced with daily use, thanks to the combined lipolytic action of organic guarana extract and plant caffeine.

V: What is the best way to apply this cream for maximum results? Are there any Clarins products that should/could be used in tandem to maximize the results?

MHL: With the freshness of a gel and the sensorial smoothness of a cream, this hybrid balm is irresistible. You can massage its lightweight, fresh and soft texture into the skin from temple to temple, using a method we designed for maximum efficacy. 5 seconds to apply. 60 seconds to see results. Start by warming the texture for a few seconds between your fingers. Then apply, using 3 fingertips and light pressing movements. Do this for 5 seconds, on upper and lower eyelids, from temple to temple. Press down lightly between the eyebrows a few times. Total Eye Lift can be integrated into every kind of daily routine and combined with all our serums and face creams.

 V: Why did Clarins decide to go clean in terms of this beauty product? What prompted this transition?

MHL: In line with our permanent innovation approach, our labs renew our formulas by integrating the latest scientific and technological advancements, while also improving their environmental impact. These changes range from agriculturally sourced green solvents from some of our plant extracts to the review of our preservation system   We are also benefitting from these revisions to increase our share of organically certified plants as soon as possible.

V: What does this new clean beauty initiative mean for the brand? Can we expect this to be carried over to all Clarins products in the future?

MHL: Yes, today 40% of our plant extracts are organic certified, 80% by 2025.  Without ever compromising the sensoriality, safety and efficacy of our formulas which remain our top priorities for consumer satisfaction.

 V: As a skin expert what would you say is your favorite element of the Total Eye Lift cream?

MHL: I prefer skincare creams [that are] efficient, sensorial with an immediately visible action: I found my favorite eye cream [with this product].


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