Meet Hinds, Four Rocking Ladies from Madrid Making It in America

Meet Hinds, Four Rocking Ladies from Madrid Making It in America

Meet Hinds, Four Rocking Ladies from Madrid Making It in America

V & D K N Y present Hinds, the garage band formerly known as Deers that has no problem leaving the past behind

V & D K N Y present Hinds, the garage band formerly known as Deers that has no problem leaving the past behind

Photography: CHAD MOORE

Styling: Havana Laffitte

Text: Whitney Mallett

This story appears in V103, on newsstands September 1, available for pre-order here.

“She doesn’t have a voice,” Carlotta Cosials says, gesturing to Amber Grimbergen, the wide-eyed, blonde drummer of the Madrid-based garage rock band, Hinds. Cosials and Ana Perrote both play the guitar and act as the band’s vocalists, while fourth member, Ade Martín, plays bass. When I ask the band why the drummer, of all members, doesn’t have a voice, the three other twenty-somethings reply in unison with one word: “Bonnaroo.”

The day following this shoot, they went to Philadelphia for a show, and the day following that, they came right back to New York to play Colbert. They’ve been across Europe and the U.S., to Japan and Australia, promoting their first full-length album, Leave Me Alone (released by Mom+Pop Music in January). Their music is aggressively simple. It’s almost punk. As Bobby Gillespie wrote on the official Primal Scream Facebook wall last year, “it’s like The Pastels meets Mink De Ville.”

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An all-female band in a wash of lo-fi guys and a sea of mostly male-run music festivals, Hinds are immediately more recognizable than the next shaggy-haired quartet or even female-led buzz band. “Sometimes other bands and fans will recognize us and then we don’t recognize them back, and it’s super stupid,” Martín says, rolling her eyes. “It’s also harder to get respected. People think it’s a game for us, that it’s not like we’re really a band, because we’re girls.” Cosials adds, “We’ve realized how much we have to hide who we are to be treated respectfully. Just being girls and being foreign and always smiling, you get so much shit. The nicer you are, the more people take advantage of you.”

Before they were known as Hinds, they were called Deers, but there’s a Canadian indie rock band called the Dears, so for legal reasons, they changed their name (a hind is a female deer). In another era, Hinds might have been marketed as the Spanish Deers outside Europe, the way the U.K. Squeeze and the English Beat were marketed outside England as part of music’s British Invasion in the late 1970s. But Hinds are clearly over the marketing game.

There’s a garage scene emerging in Spain right now. The 1960s throwback has grown in popularity everywhere thanks to the success of American bands like the Black Lips and the Dum Dum Girls, and when I sat down with Hinds, they’d brought with them a girl from another scuzzy outfit with Madrid roots, Brainfreeze—who also happened to be playing Hinds’s zine launch (sponsored by Vans), along with two American bands, L.A.’s all-female Bleached, and Shannon and the Clams, a Bay Area trio fronted by Shannon Shaw. All of these bands have some kind of DIY connection, whether it’s self-released music or an analog art practice. None imagine that their groups are competing to be the girl garage band du jour.

Hinds started as a duo—Cosials and Perrote. “It came out of two girls jamming,” explains Cosials. “In the beginning, we didn’t even make our own songs. We just did covers. Then we managed to write our songs. We were playing everything ourselves and we got a friend to record it. We just put that on the Internet. It was just a thing to do for fun, like, ‘Hey, let’s go have beers tonight. Hey, let’s go write songs tonight.’”

Hinds didn’t expect to be crisscrossing the globe after one EP, and then again following their debut album. They hadn’t considered how any band fortunate enough to be on tour is basically always on tour. “Before we were in a band, I would just go and see a band and I never thought, This band was in Barcelona last night, and tomorrow, they play the same set in Paris,” says Cosials. Perrote adds with a laugh, “You see the band say, ‘It’s been a long time since we’ve played that song.’ People lie to you!”


Makeup Maud Laceppe (Streeters)  Hair Kei Terada (Julian Watson Agency)  Manicure Holly Falcone (Kate Ryan)  Set design Orly Anan  Photo assistant Adam Levett  Stylist assistants Rochelle Adam and Jay Hussa   Makeup assistant Aya Watanabe  Hair assistant Mario Sisneros  Retouching Vision On  Location Root Studios


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