Founder Samuel Krost forges a new frontier in fashion activism.

Founder Samuel Krost forges a new frontier in fashion activism.

Text: Brandon Tan

KROST is a label new to the scene with more meaning to its mission than your typical streetwear brand. Launched just this month by Samuel Krost, whose background spans stints at Onia and Helmut Lang, the tenderfoot brand is bound to not only do well, but also do good (for the world, that is).

While style is natural to any clothing company's call to action, community building takes precedence at KROST; a mission proven more inherent to the brand's ethos than anything else, as that's where it all started.

“Support your friends has multiple definitions and I want to be part of a group that stand for the same thing but I may never meet these people. We can still feel we are part of the same community by indulging in product that help tell this story. When you put on KROST clothing, I want people to feel part of a movement and community,” Krost disclosed to V.

In response to the political happenings of late, Krost and his creative director, Scott Camaran, took not to the streets, but to streetwear in seek of sartorial solidarity. Directly following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida that devastated the nation this year, the two were inspired to make a difference. Inspired by the social movements of the 1960s and the mirrored youth movements of today, the team sought to incite that same spark by way of fashion. Gorging their passions for design, Krost and Camaron chose clothing as their tangible vehicle for change. Philanthropic fashion, if you will. Partnering with March For Our Lives, an organization raising money and awareness for gun reform, KROST recently released its debut collection coined, “First Semester,” which will contribute proceeds of sales to its partnering charity.

“KROST is the first official partner for March For Our Lives, specifically within the fashion industry. We are supporting them in a financial capacity through the mini capsule collection that were created in collaboration with them and a part of sales will be donated to March For Our Lives. Additionally to that we are also bringing awareness through all digital and social marketing initiatives,” says Krost of the charitable collaboration.

Not only was inspiration from the 60s sourced for the brand’s mission, but also for its design. In its first collection, KROST taps the collegiate varsity element of the referenced time period in renditions of modern styles, from joggers to cropped hoodies. The brand hosts its very own pop-up at 357 Canal Street in New York City now through December 10th. Nothing does a conscience better than shopping for a cause, right?



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