Meet Pietro Pizzorni

The progressive gentleman who’s also your favorite new DJ.

When one thinks of their favorite DJ performing on stage before thousands of screaming, dancing fans, they probably don’t picture him wearing a three-piece tailored suit. For DJ Pietro Pizzorni, this is the norm.

Though he’s been widely known as a DJ for the past 12 years, his career has since additionally developed into other aspects of business outside of music. These days, as he pursues various ventures, one thing remains consistent—his aesthetic. As a jack-of-all-trades, Pietro constantly maintains the image of a gentleman. Despite the fact that these days it’s rare to see men commonly wearing suits, the Miami-native wears one nearly every day.

“There’s very little class, the way men dress in Miami,” Pietro says. “I’m bringing back elegance, class and the aesthetic of a true gentleman with the clothes I wear.”

In Miami where the attire is limited to shorts, sandals and swimwear, Pietro decided it was time to challenge the status quo for men’s fashion. He took a liking to tailored suits with clean lines and classic silhouettes. After adopting this new style, Pietro quickly rose to become a popular fashion blogger. Thanks to the help of close friend and photographer, Jahmar Amani, with whom he still works closely as Amani now shoots nearly 90% of Pietro’s content and photography. With photography and encouragement from Amani, Pietro signed with his friend’s mother agency Casa Di Amani and then with Wilhelmina as well.

Due to his carefully curated image, Pietro now makes distinct choices when partnering with brands for modeling jobs. Thanks to the flexibility granted to him by Wilhelmina, he is able to select only the brands that capture the essence of the gentleman persona he emulates. Today, any imagery of Pietro consists of impeccable three-piece suits usually with a classic exotic car in the background, as if he were paying homage to James Bond. After developing a close relationship with Argentinian brothers Gatson and Renzo Rossato, owners of Miami-based classic and exotic car boutique The Barn, Pietro now acts as an ambassador of the company, promoting and showcasing the cars in his photo shoots.

Recently, Pietro picked up another pursuit—tattooing. After acquiring a tattoo artist apprenticeship with Miami’s renown Asaad Morales of “Marked 4 Life,” he plans to implement his gentleman aesthetic to yet another aspect of business.

“Everywhere I perform or work, whether I’m on a show, DJing or tattooing, I wear suits,” Pietro says. “Sometimes they’re more modern styled with my sleeves rolled up and tattoos revealed, but a suit regardless.”

And when he says show, he isn’t just talking about DJing. In fact, just this past year, Pietro landed a role on Univision’s primetime dating reality TV show

“Enamorándonos” as the owner of “Pietro’s Bar.” Since the show’s debut in August, its ratings have surpassed projected expectations. With the show’s meteoric success, Pietro can be seen on Enamorándonos airing on “Unimas” Monday through Friday for two hours from 8-10 in the evening.

Then of course, there is Pietro’s passion for music. For the last 12 years, he has spent time evolving his sound with the patterns of electronic music, house and underground, reinventing the sound and image of the genre with his gentleman persona. With residencies in major Miami nightclubs Wall, Floyd and Treehouse, Pietro is now focused on producing six new tracks to be released over the course of this year. Up ahead, the progressive gentleman looks forward to releasing his single, “Axiom” on Go Deeva Records. The single will debut in March during Miami Music Week and the Winter Music Conference. Inspired by sounds he encountered while traveling to places like Ibiza, Berlin, & Tulum, Pietro now experiments with melodic techno and tech house tones.

This summer Pietro looks forward to performing at Tomorrowland, the world’s largest and notable music festival based in Belgium. Later in the year, as part of the reputable Ultra Music Festival, he will additionally tour with the group’s Resistance tour in October throughout their South American tour. With the Resistance tour, he will take on major cities throughout South America with his tour manager Juan Carlos Dominguez, owner of “Feel the Club,” Pietro’s South American DJ agency. Visiting cities this year in Europe, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and more, Pietro will be seen DJing, often in a three-piece tuxedo all as part of his gentleman persona.

To learn more about Pietro, whether his music, his fashion or his pursuit of perfecting the art of a gentleman, visit his Instagram.


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