Meet Rocco Valentine: the NYC Creative Reshaping Overlooked Areas of the Styling World

Get to know the stylist in this VMAN exclusive.

When it comes to the fashion industry, the general public seems to have a skewed perception of who a stylist is and what exactly it is that they do. To many, the word “stylist” immediately brings to mind the glitz and glamour of dressing Hollywood stars for red carpet events, or pulling outfits for a celebrity’s buzzy Instagram post, sure to garner millions of likes. But for NYC-based creative Rocco Valentine, success as a stylist was found taking the road less traveled — or at least, less publicly recognized — taking fashion brands to new heights with his keen eye and attention to detail.

Though Valentine had a brush with dressing celebutantes during his brief stint in Los Angeles, he quickly realized that his love for styling wasn’t based on who he was dressing, but how he was helping elevate fashion e-commerce brands to new heights. Armed with that knowledge, the creative returned permanently to New York to carve out a niche in the industry for himself based on his own passion and values, rather than the pursuit of fame.

Soon enough, Valentine’s talent and distinct eye earned the Connecticut native the opportunity to creatively influence the e-commerce and editorial styling for online retail behemoth Urban Outfitters, with his fresh vision giving a new and exciting perspective to the retailer’s previous visuals. Using his masterful touch, not to mention knack of making models feel comfortable on set, Valentine managed to elevate the brand’s photos to effortlessly cool new heights, all while bringing his fun, high energy to every shoot. With the incredibly unique niche and lauded reputation he carved for himself during his time there, Valentine eventually left Urban Outfitters and now boasts an impressive roster of other e-commerce brands as clients.

Though an oft-overlook sector of the styling industry, dressing e-commerce shoots in an enticing way is vital to the consumer shopping experience. If an article of clothing doesn’t look flattering or quality online, shoppers simply won’t buy it and the brand’s sales suffer, necessitating the incredible importance of Valentine’s work. Not to mention, captivating visuals help create word-of-mouth buzz and bolsters the reputation of the retailer in turn.

Beyond styling, Valentine’s infectious spirit makes the long shooting days all that much more enjoyable for the participating models, who know that when they see Rocco Valentine on set, a super fun day is sure to follow. Happy models make for infinitely better images, and the elevated mood bolstered by Valentine’s presence at his shoots is clearly evident in the final photographs.

Despite his deft expertise in this specific area of fashion, Valentine has never limited himself, extending his prowess into designing a line of sustainable bikinis alongside dear friend Bianca Ubeda. Skillfully applying his years of work in New York’s fashion industry into the venture, Valentine launched Inez Valentine Swimwear to great success amidst the craziness of 2020’s coronavirus pandemic.

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