Meet Tessa Bruinsma, the Model Fronting Two Coveted Campaigns

Meet Tessa Bruinsma, the Model Fronting Two Coveted Campaigns

The 18-year-old Dutch model who fronts both Calvin Klein By Appointment and Gucci Spring 2017 campaigns talks Alessandro Michele, surviving fashion month, and more.

The 18-year-old Dutch model who fronts both Calvin Klein By Appointment and Gucci Spring 2017 campaigns talks Alessandro Michele, surviving fashion month, and more.

Text: Adair Smith

So, you just fronted the new Calvin Klein campaign—can you tell me about the shoot? 

It felt very personal to me. Working with the best team was the smoothest experience I had to date. Everyone involved brought a good mixture of profession and ease—and that made taking the shot in less than 7 takes possible as well.

How was walking in the show?

The Calvin Klein family and I were working together for a long time before the show. It was all building up to this moment and was worth all of the invested time and energy. Walking the show was such a meaningful experience. I was and still am truly honored to have worked on it with those amazing and brilliant people.

You also are in the Gucci Spring 2017 campaign, how was it working with Alessandro Michele?

Alessandro has such a different vision on fashion since the beginning at Gucci. Having started with him and being able to experience it again with this campaign felt like I was being at my roots.

How was it working with the tigers and lion in the ad?

Working with tigers and walking with one of them in the streets of Rome was something on my bucket list since the beginning of time and being able to say that it actually happened is mind blowing to me. The adrenaline rush you get is, in my opinion, incomparable. The end result is something you take with you for life.

The shoot was such a cool concept, can you tell me more about it?

It all felt like a surreal and compelling dream that took place in a city that's home to Gucci. It's a cool come-together of different characters eating burgers and walking with tigers and just enjoying life.

You seem to have captured the eye of some of the greatest creative directors in the industry and have attracted the it-brands of the moment. How does that feel?

It feels amazing to get these opportunities. Sometimes I can't help but ask why myself. I like to think that if you put the work, time, and effort in, people will pick that up along the way. I’m very grateful to the amazing teams I’ve had the chance to work with.

It's fashion month—what shows are you most excited about?

I’m really excited for the Gucci show. Because then it will be officially two years since I started modeling.

When you aren’t working, what are you doing?

Sketching and painting, playing soccer, and going to the gym. I love playing my guitar, but it's hard to bring both of my guitars with me, so I only play it when I’m at home in Holland. I also struggle with picking a study to do at university at some point in my life.

What is one thing you never leave your apartment without?


During fashion month, what are three things that you do to survive the craziness?

I love to sketch, watching soccer, and meeting up with friends to take your mind off the craziness.

Between go-sees, fashion shows, and shoots, what do you do? Do you have a favorite book to read or music you listen to?

I like to walk a lot and just stroll through the streets with music—like alternative rock, '70s music and some hip-hop here and there—and look for random places. I like going to record shops, socializing with people, and sketching things I see in my sketchbook.

What is your favorite song right now?

"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. Best. Song. Ever.

What is your go-to look?

Big heavy shoes. Jeans. Oversized shirts and preferably big jackets. And I’m wearing headphones way too often.

What is your favorite thing in your closet?

My vintage Vivienne Westwood sweater and my Gucci men's jacket.

Vintage or designer?

Designer clothes in vintage stores (so Dutch!)

Denim or leather?

Can I choose both?

White t-shirt or graphic t-shirt?

Depends on the graphic.

What do you want to accomplish in 2017?

At the end of the year, I want to be able to say that I gave my best energy and spent my time well. Oh, and I don't want to have missed any flights!

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Credits: Tessa Bruinsma Represented By NEXT Models Photos Courtesy Of @tessa_bruinsma


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