Meg Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj Team Up For A Hot Girl Summer

Meg Thee Stallion has just released the official “Hot Girl Summer” Anthem, and it’s packing some serious heat.

While the days of summer may be dwindling down, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion have released a new track hot enough to reignite that summer heat. An idiom concocted and coined by Houston born rapper Meg Thee Stallion, “Hot Girl Summer” has become the phrase of the century and furthermore the ultimate mood for the summer. But it’s not all fun and meme’s anymore, Meg and Nicki Minaj have teamed up to deliver the perfect hot girl anthem; Hot Girl Summer.  

The up-tempo track gives us a two for one deal in more ways than one. Not only are we getting two of music’s hottest rappers on one track. But the song samples an iconic line from City Girl’s “Act Up” while also serving as the embodiment of Meg’s hot girl summer catchphrase. Promoting a hot summer for all, the 24-year-old rapper enlisted the help of rapper Ty Dolla Sign to bring some hot boy energy to the song; and the percolating beat is further enhanced by Ty’s suave vocals. 

The collaboration seems like a match made in heaven for most but it definitely came as a surprise for Megan Thee Stallion. When speaking with E! News Meg shared just how spontaneous the conception of the song was; “So, the song was already recorded and ready to go, and then we just went live (on Instagram) together and she literally recorded her verse that night. And, they sent the song to me and I was like ‘This is not real life. Y’all are playing right now.’ I love it. It was amazing. I can’t believe she did it so fast.”

It’s never too late to have a hot girl summer, so be sure to check out the official hot girl anthem below!  


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