Megan Thee Stallion Talks Coach And The Future

We had a chance to hear from this superstar about her latest collaboration and her next steps.

Megan Thee Stallion has launched her career into the stratosphere over the past couple years with smash hits like “Savage,” and most recently, “WAP.” Known for her catchy lyricism and distinctive flow, the young musician is also something of a fashionista, inspiring women everywhere to flaunt what their mamas gave them. Now, Megan has joined Coach’s holiday campaign, which features families adapting to the unusual circumstances of the season. Megan herself can be seen smiling up at the camera with a pink Coach tote, ever the icon. Read our conversation with her below to learn more about how she’s spending the holidays, and what she’s been up to during this strange and unprecedented year.

V: How did you begin working with Coach?

Megan Thee Stallion: I’ve always loved and respected Coach as a brand with such heritage in Hip-Hop. So, when the opportunity came up, I was really happy and the partnership happened very organically for everyone.

V: What about the brand resonates with your personal style?

M: For me, I love the way that the classic, beautiful tailoring and cuts are remixed with fun and expressive prints, colors and accents. In my own style, I like to take something really simple and well-fitted and then give it my own twist by adding experimental elements, so this collection really speaks to me.

V: What is your favorite look from this new collection?

M: THE shearling BOOTS, they are super comfortable and cute.

V: Your first collaboration with Coach was last year’s holiday collection, and a full year has gone by since then. What are your biggest takeaways from 2020? 

M: 2020 has been a huge year and the biggest learning curve. For me, I would say the three biggest takeaways are that, number one, I come first. I need to look after and protect myself and my wellbeing in order to be my best self. Two, the sky’s the limit and I can do whatever I put my mind to if I’m determined enough. And three, to never be afraid to speak up or use my platform to raise awareness around real issues.

V: How are you planning to celebrate the holidays this year? 

M: It’s really a time of year to appreciate and spend quality time with those closest to you whether it’s friends or family, so that’s what I’m gonna be doing.

V: How have your music and campaign releases been impacted by the current pandemic? How have you been adapting?

M: I’ve really missed performing because the energy you get from your fans at a show is really, really special. But even during this pandemic I’ve managed to do quite a few performances, like the BET Awards and Saturday Night Live. And even though it’s been totally different to pre-COVID times, I’ve really enjoyed finding new and creative ways to showcase my music.

V: You recently wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about protecting black women. What led you to choose that medium to spread your message?

M: I’m very vocal on my social media and in interviews about topics that are close to my heart, but I felt that to write an entire piece that readers could really sit with, digest, and go back to was a natural decision. Protecting Black women is not a joke, it’s a really serious and ongoing issue that continues to impact women’s lives every single day, so this wasn’t something I wanted to approach lightly. I had to really utilize my platform and bring light to it in a way that forced people to stop and pay attention.

V: How do you think readers could better show up to support and protect the black women in our communities?

M: The way Black women are treated is a systemic issue, so there isn’t an overnight fix. But beyond doing the work to educate yourself on the issue, a good place to start is for everyone to engage the topic and take responsibility in their personal lives. Whether that’s supporting and using your voice to advocate for Black women in the workplace, politically, socially or otherwise, or if it’s challenging harmful stereotypes and rhetoric you encounter around Black women, it really comes down to taking a stand to support and protect us. There are so many resources out there made by incredible activists and writers to understand this better, all you have to do is look for them!

V: Kamala Harris responded to your op-ed with praise and a promise of action if elected. How do you feel about the senator and her current bid for Vice President?

M: I have so much for respect for Senator Kamala Harris and as I said in my op-ed,  her candidacy for vice president has the potential to represent a new era, where Black women in 2020 are no longer “making history” for achieving things that should have been accomplished decades ago, had the system not been built to prevent this.

V: You’ve teased that you have an album on the way. Any update on what fans can expect from you moving forward?

M: The Hotties know I’ve been going hard in the studio and writing at home during lockdown, so they already know they better be ready for the heat that I’m about to bring!

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