Mejuri Release New Collaboration with Design Studio Claude Home

Jewelry and homeware come together for a beautifully crafted collection.

Mejuri breaks into the world of home decor for their new collaboration with Claude Home. Known for their vintage furniture, collection of decor pieces, and curatorial hosting, Claude Home creates homeware for Mejuri. 

Claude Home founder Maggie Holladay, and Mejuri draw upon naturalistic forms for the collection. Both parties look to the spiritual nature of Zen Gardens for the new pieces. Marble, natural stone, and red onyx materialize in asymmetric modular pieces. Each material highlights both brands’ dedication to design, quality materials, and craftsmanship. The shapes of the pieces fit together like puzzle pieces, giving a playful quality to the collection. A matte finish is employed on each piece to provide contrast against Mejuri’s polished pieces when stored inside. 

“Working with neutral, organic materials, limestone and onyx, and inspired by forms in nature, the three-piece jewelry tray sets serves as functional design, an ‘object d’art’,” says Holladay. “Bringing this beautifully simple piece to life with the Mejuri team has been a dream and I am excited for you all to enjoy one in your own home or given as a special gift for a loved one.” 

The Mejuri x Claude Home collaboration debuts at Mejuri’s new Venice location. Shoppers can find the collection at Mejuri’s other storefronts and online store as well. 

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