Mejuri x FRAME Have Released a Must Have Jewelry Collab

The perfect collection to envision yourself in while strolling around Europe.

In exciting accessories news, fine jewelry company Mejuri and luxury lifestyle brand FRAME have launched a limited-edition collection collaboration. FRAME’s first official endeavor in jewelry, the brand has also brought new, minimalistic ready-to-wear garments that can be perfectly paired with their new jewelry to the collab.

The details of each piece in this collection have been finely tuned to capture the history of each brand and the history of the craft of jewelry as a whole, as well as modern elements that bring about a refined quality to the collection. Inspired by French aesthetics and ’70s styles, Mejuri x FRAME brings together these distinct inspirations for an updated feel.

Together, the brands are crafting a similar feel of luxury, prioritizing quality while still valuing the style and design of every piece. This collection is an ideal wardrobe brought together by these two different companies, creating accessories and clothes that can be mixed and matched into a number of stylish combinations.

Each brand’s expertise helps to enhance the collection as a whole, filled with complementary pieces that work together rather than against one another. The jewelry is chic and straightforward, a welcome addition to any outfit. The clothing in this collection is just as timeless, with crisp button-downs and blazers, cozy cardigans, and clean denim, the gold jewelry standing out next to them even more.

Lovely gifts for the holidays, you can find this jewelry collection in Mejuri and FRAME stores as well as their respective sites with the ready-to-wear collection available in-store and online at and

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