Mercedes-Benz Touches Down in Paris with Kid Cudi

The luxury car company taps into the world of immersive art with “Entergalatic with Kid Cudi” in celebration of its latest innovations

During a weekend dedicated to the Parisian art world, Mercedes-Benz hit the gas at Paris+ par Art Basel with a series of activations where innovation, artistry, and technology brought about a sensory overload of otherworldly experiences.

“The Magical Garage” at Mercedes-Benz’s “Entergalactic with Kid Cudi” Event. Image by Ilan Lampl via Getty Images

In collaboration with Grammy award-winning rapper and actor Kid Cudi, the one-night event transformed the Museé Rodin into an intergalactic universe. Partygoers were captivated by LED-lit designs and mirrors, and guests like tennis champion Roger Federer, and designers Heron Preston and Amina Muaddi could be seen mingling with friends. 

From left to right: Heron Preston and Paul Samb. Image by Alyn Le Dang via Getty Images

Meanwhile, some of Paris’ most fashionable attendees tuned into the 20-person orchestra’s classical renditions of Kid Cudi’s notable singles, while others frequented “The Magical Garage,” an outdoor 360-digital installation packing an intense interactive punch highlighting Mercedes-Benz’s most scintillating innovations.

Mercedes-Benz Presents “Entergalactic with Kid Cudi” by Alyn Le Dang via Getty Images

In recent years, the German-bred luxury car company has been steadfast in evolving its automotive brand initiatives through multi-levels of millennial and Gen-Z-based art, fashion, and culture. This time, in celebration of their new electric models and the world premiere of the EQE SUV from Mercedes-EQ and Mercedes-AMG. Sustainable? Yes. But also fully equipped with your own personal wellness space, loaded with soothing soundscapes, and aromatic scents of fresh hibiscus when the unsavory smells of the city get to be too much. Not to mention the first to offer Spatial Audio with a sound profound enough to make one rethink the perception of reality, and if, in fact, any other sound system could ever compete in a car.


From left to right: KAWS and Kid Cudi. Image by Darren Gerrish via Getty Images

The big reveal of the event included an exclusive unveiling of artwork from legendary New York-based artist KAWS in cahoots with the rapper. The result? A moving display brought about by a violinist, whose overtones commanded auditory excellence with the use of Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology in collaboration with Universal Music Group and Apple Music––the same available feature in Mercedes-Benz’s newest electric fleet, which places the listener inside the surround sound.

Kid Cudi performing at Museé Rodin

And the finale, a performance from the Man on the Moon himself, ringing in bangers like “Day ‘n’ Night” and “Pursuit of Happiness” which skyrocketed him to stardom, and made the suits, and the hypebeasts alike unite for a performance that raised the vibrations energetically, sonically, and quite literally. 

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