Mercury is Retrograde For the Month – Here’s How to Navigate it

The second Mercury retrograde will last until June 2021. Don’t worry, we have a guide for you.

Have you felt anxious and frustrated in the past few days? Have daily hassles piled up? No need to blame yourself too much for these mess-ups because Mercury retrograde is happening. Started on May 29 at 6:33 p.m. ET until June 22 and overlapping with the new moon eclipse, the backward travel of Mercury in Gemini tends to have intensified power. 

Except for familiar retrograde-related challenges like delays, tech glitches, miscommunications, during this retrograde, you need to especially watch out for misunderstandings, gossip, and information-overloading. When Mercury retrograde is in chatty Gemini, messages you shared are likely to be handed to the wrong people. Keep your mouth shut and think twice before speaking up. The second of the three Saturn-Uranus squares will take place on June 14, which means that we can expect this Mercury retrograde to bring a lot of news that will impact our world. So, in a fast-paced world that is filled with new information, it’s important to keep sane and protect our energies.

When Mercury is retrograde, our written, spoken words and decision-making are affected. Therefore, during this period, avoid making important decisions, like making a large purchase or signing a lease. Minimize this side of negative cosmic energies on your long-term decisions. Instead of making a major change, why don’t you reflect and reevaluate your life? Slow down and consider this retrograde as an opportunity for you to listen to your inner thoughts.



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