The luxury jewelry maker has chosen supermodel Kendall Jenner as the face of its 2022 campaign, created in the South of France by Chris Colls

Messika Paris—the brand making ulta-cool, feminine, and highly covetable jewelry for every moment in a person’s life—has tapped supermodel Kendall Jenner to be the face of their global campaign for 2022.

Shot by director Chris Colls, the campaign is centered around the brightness of the sun and the sea, and features pieces pulled from the core collections of Messika, such as Move Noa, Move Classique, and My Twin, as well as from their novelty collections like Lucky Move and Move Uno. Shot on the coast in the South of France along sun-kissed beaches and smooth rocks, the images capture the glamor of Messika, the ever-free nature of the open sea, and the power of Jenner’s own energy. The precious metals and stones of the chokers, pavé rings, bracelets, and drop necklaces glitter bright and alluringly atop Jenner’s perfect tan, who is outfitted in a black wetsuit as well as a blue lamé swim top and jacket, with clean, slicked-back hair.

“Messika offers something for all women!” Jenner tells V about what she thinks makes the French luxury brand so special. “Whether [you’re] looking for statement pieces, or something more classic, effortless, and elegant, or something with an edge to it, they have it all.”

“I see Kendall Jenner as an incarnation of the alpha woman,” founder Valérie Messika confides to us about the international beauty. “Upon first meeting her, I was struck by her energy and her radiance. I was completely astounded by her effortless sensibilities and elegance. There is undoubtedly a magnetism that surrounds her, and she infused a perfect harmony across the set of this campaign. She has an aura that is mysterious and free. She is someone who is in control of her own destiny. She is a reflection of a new generation of women who bring unparalleled life to the jewels.”

About creating the gorgeous campaign itself with her friend Chris Colls (who’s in the past photographed Kate Moss in Messika), Ms. Messika gushed that Colls, “…has an effortless way of creating a special yet subtle bond with the talents with whom he collaborates, and it shines through in every image that he captures with his lens.”

Pieces from the bright new campaign can be found and purchased at Messika’s website.

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