Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 Opens with a Bang

Take a trip to Decenterland with DUNDAS, DRESSX and UME.

If you thought Fashion Week ended last month, think again. DUNDAS is teaming up with digital fashion platform, DRESSX and 3D technology studio, UME for the opening of Metaverse Fashion Week. The show, which took place on March 28, marks DUNDAS’ second drop in the metaverse. 

DUNDAS, which is known for its commitment to engaging technology with fashion, as well as disrupting the traditional space, strives to evolve the brand’s creative expression and broaden its reach, via the metaverse collaboration. “We are so excited to have our second fashion show in the Metaverse,” said Evangelo Bousis, co-founder and Image Director of DUNDAS. “Straight off the runway in Paris to the Metaverse is something we really wanted to do and show how the physical and digital world can co-exist and strengthen each other while building our community.”

Transporting ten looks from the DUNDAS D24 show at Paris Fashion Week and plopping them straight into the metaverse, the partnership looks the future of fashion right in the eye. The looks were made wearable in photos and accessible for avatars to try on, right off the runway.

In a quintessentially 2023 way of merging, traditional fashion intertwines with the digital fashion world, as the iconic runway looks were made available for purchase as wearable NFTS and on DCL marketplace, the day prior to the show. 

“We are committed to making fashion accessible to everyone, and truly convinced that the new concept ‘see now – wear now’, made possible by digital fashion, will revolutionize the way people view and consume runway fashion,” explained co-founders of DRESSX, Natalia Modenova and Daria Shapovalova. 

UME has also tapped into its creative field and designed exclusive half-woman, half-metallic avatars for the event, while assisting DRESSX in optimizing their wearable pieces for an unforgettable show for the Decentraland community. 

XR Diretor and UME founder Victoria Bousis also spoke to the inspiration behind these exclusive avatar designs.

 “The design of the exclusive DUNDAS avatars, being half-woman and half-metallic gold with patterns extracted from the physical collection, was specifically curated as a celebration of all women inclusive of ethnicity, highlighting on the one hand, their femininity. sensuality, and grace, but also underscoring their resilience, power, and confidence.” 

The show marks the start of Decenterland’s second-ever Metaverse Fashion Week, which will run from March 28-31.

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