MIAOU Channels Sexy Parisian Dream in FW22 DROP

Take a trip to Paris in flirty lace-up dresses, daring latex, and cozy cropped knits.

It’s flirtatious. It’s sexy. It’s Miaou. The latest FW22 drop from Miaou taps into the darker, edgier side of the Paris-born, Los Angeles-based brand. Drawing on inspiration from Parisian sex shops, this collection reimagines the house’s classic shapes to include leather, intricate lace-up details, textures, and depth. Not to mention, the brand also introduces a variety of new silhouettes into their repertoire, perfect for the crisp autumn coming up.

Photographed by Pierre Ange Carlotti | Courtesy of Miaou

In true Miaou fashion, FW22 revisits some of the cult-favorite brand’s most iconic designs and reconceptualizes them to incorporate new elements. The beloved Imogene corset is transformed into a lace-up dress, and the classic Leia corset and Jinx top are reintroduced in latex. “I think a big part of Miaou’s ethos is synergizing old and new world. Corsets have been around for ages, but I can’t just make a corset; I need to think about how I can make it wearable, contemporary, and modern,” says Alexia Elkaim, the creative director of Miaou. 

Photographed by Pierre Ange Carlotti | Courtesy of Miaou

But wait, the texture exploration doesn’t stop with latex. Miaou alters their knit silhouettes, reimagining knit sweaters to be cropped and merged with remnants of the corset shape.

Photographed by Pierre Ange Carlotti | Courtesy of Miaou

The latest print, “Missed Connection,” marries images of old ad runs in newspapers with screenshots from the brand’s website today. Speaking to missed connections among strangers, the print perfectly captures a key Miaou tenant of mixing the old with the new to create contemporary pieces that are uniquely nostalgic. “A lot of print concepts come from flea markets, imagery I find online, movies—whatever!” Elkaim states, “Random, random things—furniture, tapestries, denim washes, paintings, art, traveling, songs—I mean everything.”

Photographed by Pierre Ange Carlotti | Courtesy of Miaou

This collection also marks the reintroduction of belts—an element that was at the core of the first Miaou collection, years ago. “Personally, I’ve also been wearing a lot of belts—I love belts.  I’m designing more belts every season. There’s talk of other accessories which are in the works for next year!” says Elkaim. As accessories can spice up any outfit, Miaou is also launching an exciting jewelry collaboration in October, so definitely make sure to stay tuned for that.

The FW22 collection taps into the edgy side of Elkaim’s brain, while still maintaining the sophisticated and flirtatious essence of the brand. The LA designer states she designs for those that command a lot of space in a room. “Growing up, I was always told I was too much and now, those things don’t bother me when I meet somebody. I think it’s amazing that people dare to take up space in a room or situation—they know what they want, they command. We’re navigating difficult waters in today’s world, and those are the kinds of people I want to see wearing my clothes.”

Miaou’s FW22 collection is out now available at miaou.com

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