Renowned pianist, composer, and avant-garde artist Micah McLaurin recently unveiled his third album, “Diamonds,” an instrumental 9-track release that delves into his personal introspection concerning his life and artistic journey. With the album’s central focus on personal meanings and roots, the album also consists of a heartfelt rendition of the first song he has ever performed live, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Courtesy of Micah McLaurin

Diamonds builds upon Micah’s early experiences of being homeschooled in a religious household in South Carolina and growing up queer in a conservative community. Upon moving to New York and finding his true identity, the album’s release became Micah’s first step in his mission to reconnect with his authentic self.

Costume Design by Zaldy / Photography by Miguel Villalobos

“I’m so excited to share my album Diamonds with the world,” shares Micah. “All the songs on the album have an important part in my musical and personal life and journey. This album was my first chance to use music as a means of personal expression, rather than serving the intentions of classical composers, which I love doing, but felt should be by choice, not because it’s the only thing I know. I incorporated my love of classical music with jazz-influenced harmonies and wanted to keep everything melodic, but as emotional as possible while maintaining simplicity. I didn’t want to over-embellish, so I stuck to what I felt was necessary to maximize the emotional impact.”

Photography by Siddhant Talwar

“Diamonds,” co-arranged by Micah alongside Grammy-recognized arrangers David Campbell, Chris Walden, and Robin Smith, was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London at the historic Abbey Road Studios and British Grove Studios. The album includes covers such as “Over The Rainbow,” “Windmills of Your Mind,” the recent release “Moon River,” and the lead single “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,” paying homage to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic rendition.

To complement the LP release, Micah has introduced a captivating video showcasing his solo piano rendition of “Shallow” from the film “A Star Is Born.” In this rendition, he skillfully channels the emotional depth of Lady Gaga’s original performance, delivering a profoundly moving musical experience.

Photography by Siddhant Talwar

Micah McLaurin is more than just a musician; he’s a visionary redefining avant-garde artistry. While his music captivates audiences, he’s also emerging as a fashion icon in his own right. His recent appearances at New York Fashion Week in his trademark Avante Garde attire evidence that he’s well on his way to becoming a style star, seamlessly blending his unique musical talent with a distinct sense of fashion innovation.

Stream “Diamonds” here.

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