Michael B. Jordan Has A Roadmap to #ChangeHollywood

A new initiative to make Hollywood more inclusive.

Michael B. Jordan is offering a “roadmap” to change Hollywood. The Black Panther star joined forces with racial injustice organization, Color of Change to lead an initiative that invests in Black talent and anti-racist programming. 

Last week the actor went on to Twitter to express the ongoing lack of inclusivity on the big screens. “Hollywood has a history of racism,” Jordan wrote. “Excluding Black talent, silencing Black voices, derailing Black careers, and propping up policing and injustices…Hollywood, break the pattern it’s about that time !! #ChangeHollywood.”

The #ChangeHollywood movement is a multi-step plan that guides Hollywood through concrete steps in order to divest from police and invest in Black content and careers. The roadmap provides the step-by-step and resources for production companies, studios, agencies and individuals committed to implementing change in the industry. 

“Collaborations like ours — between an actor/producer on the inside, and a racial justice advocate on the outside — can demonstrate the change that’s possible and also provide resources that support a wide range of individuals and organizations to take action,” Jordan and Rashad Robinson, president of Color of Change, said in a statement.

“The #ChangeHollywood Roadmap is just one part of the journey toward racial justice in Hollywood. Color Of Change will continue supporting those who want to make change, challenging those who don’t, and preventing the rollback of the progress we make. Michael B. Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society, will continue bringing an eclectic and inclusive lineup of diverse stories and voices to market, and will continue building the cultural and economic power of Black stories, talent and communities,” they added.

In 2018, Jordan pledged to apply an inclusion rider—a measure that makes diversity among cast and crew a stipulation of contracts—to all projects from his production company, Outlier Society. Following his announcement, other industry big names, including Brie Larson, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Paul Feig committed to adopting a rider, as well.

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