Michael Kors Launches SS19 Campaign with Bella Hadid

Following last night’s launch in Soho, the immersive space is now open to the public for one day.

The Michael Kors Spring 2019 campaign launched with an event at Dolby Soho in downtown New York starring Bella Hadid. David Sims, singling in on a modern construction of the jet set, shot the campaign which was featured throughout the event.

Each room in the Soho space was equipped with Dolby’s advanced audiovisual technologies to represent the campaign’s theme of movement.

Entering, visitors are greeted with an expansive wall flashing the MK logo. Continuing on, campaign clips were displayed in a fully projection-mapped room. The next room contained a recreated set complete with clothing and accessories from the campaign that allowed guests the opportunity to star in their own ad campaign.

Downstairs, life-sized logos were constructed into a playground with a seesaw and swing set. A fashion playground, if you will.

A reactive video booth traced movement and created neon shadows in real time while visitors danced to a live DJ set throughout the night.

Last season, Hadid was dressed in an hourglass dress from Michael Kors’s FW18 collection.

The Spring 2019 campaign’s focus on speed, energy, and optimism is seen through photographs of Bella Hadid dressed in full outfits of Michael Kors accessories, carrying half a dozen handbags while gracing a white set with animated movements.

The Michael Kors exhibition space in Soho opens to the public for a day today from 12-8 PM.

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