Michael Kors Relaunches The Astor Bag

Designed as an homage to Astor Place, the purse is just as relevant to fashion today as it was 20 years ago

First introduced in 2004, Michael Kors is reissuing their iconic heritage handbag the Astor ahead of the bag’s 20th anniversary. Originally designed as an homage to Astor Place in New York City, home of legendary restaurants and cultural cornerstones, from the MK hardware to the stud detailing, the Astor has become an enduring piece that has become a timeless figure not only to the brand but to fashion lovers everywhere. 

“The Astor Place subway station, with its powerful cube sculpture by Tony Rosenthal, is the dividing line between Greenwich Village and the East Village, two of my favorite New York neighborhoods,” says Michael Kors. “The Astor bag itself will be turning 20 very soon. And the sporty glamor that exemplified the early Aughties seems incredibly relevant to the way we are all living and dressing today.”

As Kors himself describes, the Astor bag pairs perfectly with the classically casual style that has been seeing a major resurgence in recent years. Whether you prefer a bag that is polished or edgy, the Astor presents both options – clean lines and luxe leather craftsmanship embody uptown polish while the studded hardware adds a tough-chic downtown sensibility. This specific juxtaposition is one that Kor’s has explored extensively through his career, creating pieces that are timelessly stylish. And as the name of the bag suggests, those details also find their inspiration in the East Village. 

“The artisanal studding and heavy top stitching is reminiscent of legendary sandal and belt maker Barbara Shaum, whose studio was on East 7th Street right off Astor Place,” says Kors. “The Astor bag is truly one of those things in your wardrobe, like a great pair of jeans, that gets better and better with time.”

A handbag that works perfectly in any city in the world, now is the perfect time for the reintroduction of the purse. Whether you’d use it to commute to your 9-to-5, run errands or fill it with all of your essentials, the Astor adds a balance of classy edge to any look, making it an ageless staple in any closet. In celebration of the reissue, the brand is releasing a range of bags inspired by the original’s clean lines and studded details.

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