Midterm Elections 2022: Eve Jobs

The modeling ingenue talks about her experience voting at an early age and how society can continue to foment positive change

Recently signed to DNA Models, Eve Jobs – the daughter of late technology mogul Steve Jobs –is opting for an agenda of self-made fortune and liberated achievement. After stunningly attending her first Met Gala in 2022, flaunting an archival “gilded” dress from Louis Vuitton’s sustainable Spring ’17 season, Jobs’ inimitable fashion repertoire took a fortuitous turn. After graduating from Stanford University and putting aside her career in elite equestrianism – named fifth out of the world’s top 1000 equestrian riders under the age of 25 – Jobs emerged in the scene. She appeared alongside the industry’s most inimitable model muses – Gigi Hadid, Paloma Elessar, and Adut Akech – for Coperni’s Paris Fashion Week debut. Foreshadowing her later feature in Glossier’s holiday campaign with actress Sydney Sweeney, a solo Vogue editorial, and the face of October 2022’s Vogue Japan cover. The young starlet is set to be the face of Louis Vuitton’s latest LV twist campaign.

Eve wears t-shirt designed by Katharine Hamnett

Educated and admirable, Jobs sat down with V’s Kevin Ponce to discuss the urgency of voting in this year’s midterm elections and the importance for women to reclaim their position in politics

Kevin Ponce: Why do you think it’s important to vote in this midterm election?

Eve Jobs: This year’s midterm election will be significant in our nation’s path forward. The big issues facing our country will be decided by the parties in control of the senate and house of representatives. This year we are debating women’s reproductive freedom, climate change, education, healthcare, immigration, and the economy. We must find a productive and inclusive way forward. We owe it to ourselves, each other, and the country as a whole. It will be a historically defining moment.

KP: You mentioned that your first-time voting was soon after you turned 18—what was that first-time experience like for you? What would you say to those who are newly registered and are excited to vote for the first time?

EJ: my first experience voting was in the 2016 election. I went to an in-person voting site in my neighborhood with my mom and sister. I found it exciting and empowering to be able to use my voice and do my part as a citizen. I think the stakes are so high in this election and you deserve to have your voice heard. As small as you may think the impact will be, every single person makes a difference. Regardless of who or what you vote for. Please go out and vote.

Eve wears t-shirt designed by Katharine Hamnett

KP: Are there any specific issues/rights that are motivating you to submit your ballot for change in our nation and why?

EJ: Absolutely. The overturn of Roe v. Wade earlier this year was an astronomically devastating decision. It was a shattering of security, of the personal right to decision, of any semblance of trust and choice for women and their bodies. It’s a decision I feel deeply passionate about fighting back on. The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade now leaves abortion and reproductive rights in the hands of individual state legislatures. I strongly urge everyone to fight back on this, it does not have to end here, and it cannot end here.

KP: Beyond this midterm election, how do you feel can people continue to foment positive change?

EJ: I think it’s important to stay open, and informed. Stretch beyond easy ways of finding information and in your search, delve into various perspectives and issues. We’re living in a highly consequential time, and I urge everyone to inform themselves, stand up and speak out.


Midterm Election Day is November 8th!

If you’d like to vote in person for this election, make sure you’re registered and plan ahead so you have the time to go and vote!

Have you reminded your friends? Bring them with you!

Find your polling place, see what’s on your ballot, check your registration, and more at Vote.org!


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