Midterm Elections 2022: Your Guide to Protecting our Democracy, Planet and Human Rights

Are you registered to vote yet?

Fashion is about expression. But there is no expression on a dying planet where decisions about your body are made by a government you did not elect.  

 Every election season, it feels as though politicians repeat the same tired saying about how “this is the most important election of your life.” That type of grandiose statement is not particularly compelling, but there is some truth to it. As designers, models, and editors resume drinking their pumpkin spice lattes and meticulously plan their fashion month calendars, we need to redirect our attention to what is at stake in the 2022 midterms.  

Image credit: Reagan Petrehn, March to the Polls 2020

 Our nation’s capital was mercilessly attacked right after the 2020 election. Several people died as insurrectionists attempted to overturn President Biden’s confirmation. The coup was reprehensible, and many of those who aided the attack against our democracy has not been held accountable.  

 At the same time, there is a burgeoning movement trying to dismantle voting rights across this country. This year, over 400 voter restrictive bills have been introduced by state legislatures, and dozens of these laws have passed. Our fundamental right to choose our representatives is under attack. The same is true for a woman’s ability to choose what happens to her own body.  

 With the overturning of Roe v Wade, state governments have begun dictating what happens to a pregnant person’s body, and many states are passing restrictive measures to control the logistics of their birthing process. We are seeing forced birth into a planet we know we are actively destroying.  

Image credit: Carla Cote, Climate Strike 2022

 Florida is currently trying to rebuild communities after they were devastated by Hurricane Ian. This is just days after Hurricane Fiona decimated Puerto Rico, and weeks after Pakistan was declared one-third underwater. We are seeing the climate crisis unfold before our eyes.  

 A slate of other issues, like LGBTQ+ rights, gun violence prevention, health care access, student loan debt, and more are on the ballot. This year’s roster of changemakers for our V is for Vote series will discuss some of these issues. At a time when issues of justice, issues of the environment, and issues of democracy are all on the ballot, we need to take action. 

 Right now, the Senate is split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. The House of Representatives will also be up for grabs in this election. You might not agree with everything an elected official stands for, just as you won’t agree with every choice a designer makes in their collection. But that doesn’t mean your voice and self-expression don’t matter.  

Fewer people vote in midterm elections compared to presidential ones. The races are close. Your vote will impact which party is in power, and what policies local officials and the Biden administration are able to implement.  

This is your guide on how to take action:  

Register to Vote  

Registering to vote takes less than two minutes. Eligibility rules vary by state, but the process is easy! You can register to vote here. 

Make a Voting Plan  

Voting can seem daunting, so knowing a few details can make all the difference. Many states offer mail-in voting options, which can be a convenient way to vote from home. You can look up your polling place, request an absentee ballot and learn about voting early here. You can find out about the candidates on your ballot here 

Organize in Your Community 

The most impactful way to organize in your community is to start with the people you know. You might feel like your friends are actively involved, but it never hurts to check in, make sure they are registered and to send them this article so they can learn more!  


There are many ways to volunteer to take action. One powerful way can be to volunteer as a poll worker to help your community conduct its election.  

Run for Office  

If making change in your community is a passion, running for office is something to consider. Too few young people, people of color and women consider this an option, so this is your call think about running for office. You can find great resources on running for office here 


Saad Amer 

Founder, CEO Justice Environment  





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