Go behind the scenes of some of his most iconic shots.

Mikael Jansson takes iconic photographs of iconic people. Even when capturing a figure whose image you’ve seen countless times – Rihanna, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop – Jansson’s images are indelible, seeped in ineffable cool and endless beauty (it may come as little surprise that he was mentored by none other than Richard Avedon). 

Now, the photographer presents a survey of these exceptional portraits in his native Stockholm, at the gallery CFHILL. Jansson’s third exhibition at this space, Unscripted Scenes presents a selection of portraits taken from the early 90s to today, many of which originally graced the pages of the world’s most renowned fashion magazines. “I have photographed celebrities and model icons for over thirty years all over the world and now that the world has ‘shut down’ I wanted to look beyond the borders and reflect on the thirty years,” Jansson says. 

Jansson’s magic lies in capturing the moment. Here, he describes the moment behind four of his most unmissable photographs. 

“Unscripted Scenes” is on view at CFHILL in Stockholm through November 28th

Michelle Pfeiffer

“We photographed this portrait at the legendary Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. We started indoors and then we took this picture outdoors on the terrace in normal daylight. Michelle appeared a bit shy but at the same time cool and she immediately understood the idea of ​​how she should act in order to get the picture and create the character. She was very pleased with the result and sent a letter afterwards thanking me.”

Kate Moss 

Image credits: Mikael Jansson

“We took this picture for French Vogue. We stayed at Kate Moss’ home for several days at her country house in the British Cotswolds. This picture was one of the last we took when everyone was relaxed and harsh sunlight came in through the window. I asked Kate to take her bed sheet over her head and then I photographed the picture under the sheet that became like a tent with this nice light behind. There’s something Marilyn about Kate Moss and her life, something fragile and genuine that comes out right here.”

Gary Oldman

Image credits: Mikael Jansson

“I already knew Gary a little when I photographed this portrait. Gary has a fantastic face so I wanted to shoot it in daylight with a kind of studio feel in a natural environment. I had just seen the Tinker Taylor movie and wanted to have Gary elegantly dressed in a suit as a contrast to the dirty light. Gary is very interested in photography and collects art, so he was very involved in the process and we listened to Bowie who was a close friend of his. It was a good feeling all day.” 

Lara Stone

“Lara on the T-Rex, it means fun and signals humor to me. She is in control of it but at the same time playful.” 

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