Milagro Tequila is Giving out “Marga-Refunds” this Cinco de Mayo

The tequila brand is making the end of tax season less dreadful.

Cinco de Mayo has turned into one of the biggest holidays for drinking. From discount margaritas, to happy hour specials, the alcohol never ends. To celebrate, Milagro Tequila is giving customers a special surprise. The end of tax season is approaching, and backlogged tax returns are causing refund delays. More than 10 million Americans filed taxes this year, but there are 7 million refund delays. It’s a record high number for the country. With the delays causing so many to experience financial distress, Milagro’s “Internal Reposado Service” is stepping in to help. 

For all customers who purchase Milagro Tequila this Cinco de Mayo, Milagro is giving back  $10 refunds via Cashapp. The “Marga-Refunds” are available nationwide. The newly minted division of the brand, the “Internal Reposado Service”, supplies all of the refunds. Jill Palais, Senior Brand Manager of Milagro Tequila, said “Tax season is never easy and finding out that there could be a longer wait to receive your refund is not the kind of news you want to celebrate. But we don’t want delayed refunds to drag down Cinco de Mayo celebrations, so we’re stepping in with a small gesture to help people celebrate with the freshest, brightest 100% agave tequila – without worrying about their wallets.” 

Customers can access their refund by visiting the Milagro Marga-Refunds website. Once on the site, guests are asked to fill out a brief online form and to upload a picture of the receipt for their Milagro bottle purchase. The refund applies to all six of Milagro’s bottles: Milagro Silver, Milagro Reposado and Milagro Añejo, Milagro Select Silver, Milagro Select Reposado and Milagro Select Añejo. The promotion ends at 12:01 am on May 6, and refunds will not be issued after that date and time. 

Celebrate this Cinco de Mayo with a nice shot of tequila and a little bit of extra cash. For more information head to Milagro’s website or any of their social media platforms.


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