Miley Cyrus’s SHE IS COMING Delivers Opulent Grit

She has arrived.

After torturing the world with a three word teaser campaign and an unexpected live performance of the new tracks, Miley Cyrus has officially released her newest collection of songs SHE IS COMING which, when given a first listen, immediately reveals a more empowered, focused, and vocal Cyrus than ever before. Gifting us with 6 new songs, the singer successfully curates a front to back vibe that feels fresh, unique, and pointedly current.

In opening, “Mother’s Daughter” establishes a conjured rockstar swag followed by “Unholy” hinging on the same theme but with a transparency into certain stigmatized truths surrounding someone both in and out of the spotlight. Out of the 3 features on the album, the most gag worthy is “Cattitude” where RuPaul infuses a ballroom energy proclaiming that her “pussy is on fire” and encouraging her iconic message of self-love into Cyrus’ verses infectiously chanting “turn up your gratitude, turn down your attitude / I love my pussy, that means I got cattitude”.

Closing this set of songs “The Most” is a honest look at the sacrifices, compromises, and emotional sums that arrive when love becomes the bona fide ruler in any relationship. Crooning “Oh, and even in my darkest days, even in my lowest place / You love me the most / And even when I can’t stay, even when I run away / You love me the most / So why do I hurt you so? Is it ’cause I know? / Why do I hurt you so? Is it ’cause you love me the most?” Cyrus has put an all too real and often times damaging relationship struggle into pure lyrical honey. A direction for her musically that I hope continues to grow because I could absolutely fuck with this Miley all day long.

What this EP is definitely not is the “power move” I think a lot of outlets are assuming it’s intended to be. Miley will gain nothing in simply introducing a new side to herself and she is very aware of this. Instead of playing any sort of industry game where her image is shaped by multiple parties with the hopes of instigating an inappropriate amount of press, Cyrus is grounded in who she is and is stating that in an accessibly vulnerable way.

If there’s one thing fans and listeners can take away from She is Coming is the haunting and exciting idea that this may only be the beginning for what Miley Cyrus has in store for us. Who knows? She may just be at the “Party Up the Street” where she is without a doubt the life of the party, and where this EP has established the vibe. Miley Cyrus has arrived y’all. And V are here for it.

Stream SHE IS COMING below:

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