Lil Miquela Interviews Tattoo Artist Manuela Soto

As part of her “Heroes!” series, Lil Miquela interviewed Soto, a self-trained tattoo artist from LA who encourages self-love with every patron.

Manuela Soto is Lil Miquela’s “hero”. For her new YouTube series, Heroes!, Lil Miquela interviews the people she deems her heroes – the ones who empower and inspire her. Today, Miquela turns to Manuela Soto, a tattoo artist from downtown LA whose sexualized portraits of women encourage self-love. No one taught Soto how to tattoo: she picked up her technique and Japanese anime-inspired style all on her own. By subverting the patriarchy and pushing people to love their inner self, Soto has found her own heroic niche that sets her apart from the masses.

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